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04 October 2012

Fourth Year undergraduate project work published in Physical Review.

Detail from an illustration of the model.
19 September 2012

Research paper published in Physical Review Letters.

Peter Guthrie Tait
30 August 2012

Congratulations to Alastair Heffernan, Vladimir Prochazka and Mara Ungureanu.

Mathematical Physics graduate Alastair Heffernan
20 August 2012

Mathematical Physics graduate Alastair Heffernan is the only physicist among this year's Fulbright Commission Postgraduate scholars. He tells us how he won this prestigious scholarship.

10 August 2012

Alexander McVey awarded prize for his presentation on drug resistance in bacteria.

Elena Blanco of the School's Soft Matter Physics research group.
12 July 2012

Elena Blanco is investigating particle dispersion in chocolate making.

Professor Peter Higgs. Image copyright Graham Clark.
09 July 2012

Peter Higgs' achievements recognised with new Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics. 

Prof Higgs at CERN. Image: Alan Walker
04 July 2012

Scientists at Cern have announced results giving the strongest indication yet that the Higgs boson particle exists.

Artist’s impression of Euclid. Image: ESA - C. Carreau.
22 June 2012

University takes a leading role in the largest astronomical collaboration in history.

Thomas Scheler
15 June 2012

Thomas Scheler, a PhD student in the Extreme Conditions group of the Institute for Condensed Matter, describes his placement at Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.