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Higgs Centre for Innovation: construction begins

27 January 2016
Work has begun on constructing the Higgs Centre for Innovation at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

€1.8m grant awarded for research into bacterial resistance

12 January 2016
Dr Rosalind Allen of Institute of Condensed Matter & Complex Systems awarded 1.8m euro Grant

Herschel Medal in Astronomy awarded to School's James Dunlop.

08 January 2016
Prof Jim Dunlop of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s (RAS) Herschel Medal,  for his pioneering research into galaxy formation.

School researchers find evidence for a new phase of dense hydrogen

07 January 2016
School researchers have reached the highest ever recorded pressures on dense hydrogen, in excess of the pressures found at the centre of the Earth.

New Year Honour for the School's Cait MacPhee

05 January 2016
Cait MacPhee, Professor of Biological Physics, has been made a CBE.

Dark matter detector upgraded

15 December 2015
One of the world’s most sensitive scientific instruments has been upgraded to aid in the search for dark matter.

£3m awarded to University Particle Physics Experiment group

10 December 2015
Edinburgh Particle Physics Experiment group obtains increased STFC consolidated grant.

I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!

17 November 2015
PhD student Flavia Dias has joined 40 other scientists in this year's fast-paced live chats with pupils from nearly 160 UK schools.

Weather map of distant world revealed

03 November 2015
Weather patterns in a mysterious world beyond our solar system have been revealed for the first time, a study suggests.

School researcher wins Young Scientist Award of Polish Astronomical Society

12 October 2015
Congratulations to Michal Michalowski, a researcher at the Institute for Astronomy, who was chosen in recognition of outstanding, individual accomplishments in the field of astronomy.

Nobel prize for physics awarded for the observation of neutrino oscillations, a phenomenon being studied by Edinburgh physicists

12 October 2015
Neutrinos are fundamental particles which are created in radioactive decays, in fusion processes in stars, such as our Sun, and in cosmic ray interactions with the Earth’s atmosphere. Even though neutrinos are very abundant in nature and billions pass through our bodies each second, their very weak interaction make observation challenging.

Prize PhD Studentships plus over 100 other funded PhD places in physics in Scotland

07 October 2015
The Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) is offering PhD studentships for outstanding students from anywhere in the world.

Physics and Astronomy at the Postgraduate Open Day, 18 November 2015

05 October 2015
Discover if the School of Physics & Astronomy and the city of Edinburgh are right for you.

Soft Matter at Doors Open Day

02 October 2015
The soft matter physics group part of the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems took part in Doors Open Day, Edinburgh on 26th of September in the James Clerk Maxwell Building.

Computational study sheds light on how early metabolism might have evolved

29 September 2015
The way in which biological cells convert food into energy stored in molecules such as ATP is shared by almost all living things - now scientists have discovered a likely reason why this is so widespread.