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50th anniversary tributes paid in memory of pioneering scientist

19 May 2015
Tributes have been paid to a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and former Principal of the University of Edinburgh, to mark the 50th anniversary of his death.

Industry-sponsored PhD student wins prize for best talk

06 May 2015
ICMS student gives best talk

Bacterial raincoat discovery paves way to better crop protection

13 April 2015
Fresh insights into how bacteria protect themselves – by forming a waterproof raincoat – could help develop improved products to protect plants from disease.

IoP meeting on Nuclear physics and r-process nucleosynthesis

13 April 2015
IoP meeting on nuclear physics and r-process nucleosynthesis: Friday May 15th at the University of Edinburgh.

Exhibition on hydro power in Scotland

06 April 2015
The School is currently showing an exhibition on hydro power in Scotland.

Cutting-edge research in titanium

31 March 2015
New titanium alloy could reduce manufacturing waste

Astronomers shed light on mysterious nature of dark matter

26 March 2015
Scientists have furthered their understanding of dark matter, the elusive material that accounts for much of the mass of the Universe.

European grants success for School researchers

17 March 2015
Two School researchers awarded European funding to enable them to consolidate their research teams and develop their most innovative ideas.

New Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

10 March 2015
Congratulations to professors Charles Cockell and Andrew Liddle.

Elusive hot hydrogen leads to more questions

09 March 2015
Experiments by researchers in the School's Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions have revealed anomalous behaviour in the melting temperatures of high-pressure dense hydrogen.

Peter Higgs unveils plaque tribute

04 March 2015
The installation marks the site where Nobel Laureate Professor Higgs first devised his seminal theory on the nature of mass more than 50 years ago.

Newton International Fellow joins Acoustics & Audio Group

27 January 2015
Newton International Fellow joins Edinburgh Acoustics & Audio Group to carry out physical modelling of the guitar

E-mentoring: supporting our current students

26 January 2015
All University alumni are invited to become e-mentors for our 3rd, 4th and 5th-year undergrads and all postgrad students.

School researcher wins Royal Astronomical Society award

19 January 2015
Congratulations to the Institute for Astronomy's Dr Michal Michalowski, who has been awarded The Royal Astronomical Society's Winton Capital Award in astronomy.

Paper on the nature of time wins new cosmology prize

06 January 2015
Marina Cortes of the School's Institute for Astronomy jointly awarded the 2014 Buchalter Cosmology Prize.
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