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24 October 2012

Prospective postgrad students are warmly invited to visit the School during the next Open Day.

Peter Higgs, Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh
18 October 2012

Specially-commissioned medal recognises Prof. Higgs' outstanding work.

16 October 2012

Andy Buckley and Jennifer Smillie, both researchers in the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, are among 36 UK scientists chosen for their potential to become leaders in their chosen fields.

04 October 2012

Up to 15 fully-funded Prize PhD Studentships and over 100 other funded PhD places available in Physics in Scotland.

04 October 2012

Fourth Year undergraduate project work published in Physical Review.

Detail from an illustration of the model.
19 September 2012

Research paper published in Physical Review Letters.

Peter Guthrie Tait
30 August 2012

Congratulations to Alastair Heffernan, Vladimir Prochazka and Mara Ungureanu.

Mathematical Physics graduate Alastair Heffernan
20 August 2012

Mathematical Physics graduate Alastair Heffernan is the only physicist among this year's Fulbright Commission Postgraduate scholars. He tells us how he won this prestigious scholarship.

10 August 2012

Alexander McVey awarded prize for his presentation on drug resistance in bacteria.

Elena Blanco of the School's Soft Matter Physics research group.
12 July 2012

Elena Blanco is investigating particle dispersion in chocolate making.