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Each year thousands of Edinburgh’s alumni support the University by making a donation. Alumni of all ages, from all walks of life, come together to help us ensure the next generation of students benefit from a university experience that changes their lives forever.

Charles Barkla Bursaries

This fund has been created to mark the centenary of our first Nobel Prize winner: Charles Barkla, who made fundamental advances in understanding X-ray spectroscopy.  Charles Barkla came from modest circumstances and relied on bursaries and scholarships to fund his education.   

The Charles Barkla Bursaries will be used to support undergraduate students who are most in need of a helping hand in order that they can pursue their dreams.

As Edinburgh has become one of the most expensive cities to live in the UK and living costs continue to rise, new students face more financial challenges and anxieties than previous generations.  These are problems that all too clear from the experiences of students such as Carol, as described below.  She is clear that the help and encouragement of a bursary allows her and similar students to fulfil their potential during this hugely important stage in life.

“Currently studying towards a BSc in Physics with an integrated Masters, I grew up being home educated in South Cheshire as the only child of a single mum for whom I have been the sole carer since I was 14.  She is fighting cancer and is also partially disabled.  I chose to apply to and attend the University of Edinburgh because it was the best university with easy transport links for me to return home in case of emergencies.  Receiving a bursary means I have peace of mind should there be an emergency - being from a low income family, it's a relief to not have to regularly ask my family for extra financial support. The bursary has helped reduce my day-to-day stress levels, because it means I can budget for normal life without having to worry about keeping some of that aside for travelling.”
 Carol, Bursary recipient