PhD project: Big Data Handling For Hadron Physics

Project description

A Ph.D studentship is available in developing advanced analysis methods and big data handling for hadron and nuclear physics. CLARA (Service Oriented Architecture) was developed at Jefferson Lab for the reconstruction of CLAS12 experimental data. The principal goal of CLARA is to provide a computing environment for efficient Big Data processing. The CLAS12 collaboration aims to utilize CLARA to develop experimental data preservation, cataloging and distribution system. The development will require investigation of data formats suitable for storing experimental data and provide integration with already established data searching and sorting systems (such as Hadoop). Distributed data provider systems can run on computer clusters of collaborating universities and provide search, discovery and selection of data. The project will involve work in Edinburgh and at the Jefferson laboratory in the USA. There will also be possibility to use the data handling developments to extract exciting new science from our experiments at Jefferson Lab. Please get in touch from more information on these aspects.

Project supervisor

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