PhD project: Data Intensive Science

Project description

In November 2015, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) announced funding for a Centres for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science. The Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews were awarded funding to run one such centre ScotDist and offer Phd. places starting in September 2017.  Continuation of this program is currently under review for 2019 entry.

The CDT program provides funding for a four year Phd program offering the opportunity to develop data intensive methods and techniques for use at the frontier of research  The studentship will include a short multi-disciplinary secondment to industry or a third sector partner engaged in data intensive science techniques. Possible topics in the field of particle physics include the application of machine learning techniques to pick out new physics signals from the large dataset being collected at the LHC experiments ATLAS and LHCb to the extraction of Dark matter signatures at LUX/LZ or next generation neutrino physics with DUNE/HyperK. 

Interested applicants should apply here. For more information contact mneedham [at] (Dr Matthew Needham)

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