PhD project: Flavour physics through lattice simulations

Project description

This project encompasses a wide research programme carried on by the Edinburgh lattice QCD group and can lead to several potential PhD projects. It focuses on precision flavour physics using lattice simulations to support current experimental efforts to find new physics in collider experiments such as the LHC.

We are interested in both Standard Model and beyond the standard model mechanisms for neutral meson mixing in the kaon and B mesons and the direct calculation of the decay amplitudes of neutral kaons to two pion final states. We are also looking into the development of calculations of pseudscalar meson scattering amplitudes and the strong rho decay. Finally we are interested in algorithms for improved Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling of the QCD path integral, multigrid numerical techniques for solving the quark Dirac equation, and the development of advanced lattice QCD software for calculation on modern supercomputers.

Project supervisors

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