PhD project: New materials via mixing foams

Project description

In this project, you will develop a new materials design strategy based on mixing together two viscous foams, one foam comprised of bubbles in an aqueous phase and one comprised of bubbles in an oil phase. You will pay special attention to the case where the bubbles are stabilised by solid particles and where the oil phase can either be polymerised or solidified after / during the mixing process. This strategy builds on our recent success preparing multiply connected structures via mixing viscous liquid phases. The “holy grail” of this project would be to create a soft solid material with three tortuous percolating channels, one of which is filled with air, and one of which can be readily solidified if required. There are application areas, especially in the field of energy materials, where such complex composite materials would be game changing.

Project supervisor

  • (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)

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