PhD project: Shedding light on hexaquarks

Project description

The fundamental theory thought to describe the strong interaction is QuantumChromoDynamics (QCD). QCD permits a large variety of bound states of quarks. Quark-anti-quark systems (mesons) and baryons (3 quarks) are the simplest options. Tetraquarks, pentaquarks, hexaquarks, hadronic molecules - are the new objects only recently starting to reveal themselves. The advance has been made possible by cutting edge experiments using beams at the frontiers of intensity coupled with large acceptance particle detectors.

Our group is leading major studies of six-quarks states – hexaquarks, investigating their properties using clean and controlled environment of photo and electro-induced reactions. We will construct new active target system to transform Mainz accelerator facility into a hexaquark factory. The PhD project will be devoted to construction of this equipment and analysis of the data from MAMI facility in Mainz, Germany (link is external) and/or JLab facility in the U.S (link is external). The work will be performed within Exotic Hadron Spectroscopy Network.

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