3D active edge silicon sensor results and applications

Experimental Particle Physics seminar

3D active edge silicon sensor results and applications

  • Event time: 3:00pm until 4:00pm
  • Event date: 1st March 2007
  • Speaker: Cinzia Da Via (University of Manchester)
  • Location: Room 6206,

Event details

Active edge 3D sensors, are a novel type of silicon devices where p and n type electrodes penetrate through the silicon bulk instead of being processed on the wafer surfaces. The fabrication is performed using micromachining and standard VLSI technologies. Samples with different inter-electrode spacing have been fabricated at Stanford University, USA. Their response to charged particles and x-rays has been studied using radioactive sources and particle beams with LHC-compatible readout electronics. The 3D fast time response using 0.13 um readout electronics and their signal efficiency after an exposure to reactor neutrons equivalent to ~1.4x10^16 high energy protons per sq. cm. will be discussed. This exposure is a bit more than the amount expected at the SLHC in 7 years a radius of 4 cm. Some applications will be reviewed.

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