Relativity and the Lead-Acid Battery

Condensed Matter journal club

Relativity and the Lead-Acid Battery

  • Event time: 11:30am
  • Event date: 18th February 2011
  • Speaker: (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
  • Location: Room 2511,

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The energies of the solid reactants in the lead-acid battery are calculated ab initio using two different basis sets at nonrelativistic, scalar-relativistic, and fully relativistic levels, and using several exchangecorrelation potentials. The average calculated standard voltage is 2.13 V, compared with the experimental value of 2.11 V. All calculations agree in that 1.7–1.8 V of this standard voltage arise from relativistic effects, mainly from PbO2 but also from PbSO4
PRL 106 018301 (2011)


Rajeev Ahuja, Andreas Blomqvist, Peter Larsson, Pekka Pyyko, and Patryk Zaleski-Ejgierd