Higgs boson analysis

Our group is currently involved in the analysis of the newly discovered Higgs boson in several decay channels:

  • $H \rightarrow Z Z^* \rightarrow 4 \ell$: We have been playing a leading role in the measurements of the mass, signal strength and width in the “golden” four-lepton channel (Prof Phil Clark, Dr Nick Edwards, Francisca Garay, Dr Yanyan Gao, Dr Robert Harrington, Dr Christos Leonidopoulos, Sebastian Olivares, Dr Ben Wynne) 
  • $W/Z \,H$ associate production in the $b \bar{b}$ channel: We have been working on the search of the Higgs boson in the associated production ($WH$, $ZH$), with the Higgs decaying to a pair of $b$-quarks. In parallel, we have been studying the prospects of the measurements of its properties in the same channel in the 14 TeV environment and 300 and 300 fb$^{-1}$ integrated luminosity as part of the ATLAS prospects report for the EFCA workshop (Tim Bristol, Dr Flavia Dias, Dr Victoria Martin, Paul Glaysher)
  • $H \rightarrow WW \rightarrow \ell \nu \, \ell^\prime \nu^\prime$: We are key contributors to the analyais of the Higgs boson in the $WW$ decay channel in the fully leptonic mode, specializing in data-driven background estimation.  Organizational responsibilities within the group give us a broad perspective on the measurements in this channel.  In the next year, will work from this knowledge to perform the first differential cross sections in this channel using Run I data and help define the physics program in this channel for Run II (Paul Glaysher, Dr Corrinne Mills).

These activities are led by Prof Phil Clark and Dr Victoria Martin.