How to apply

Application guidance and tips

Application guidance

If you decide that Edinburgh is the right university for you, you must make your application through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). This is the case for both national and international applicants.  Guidance, advice and the application deadline can found on the UCAS site and on the guidance pages at the links below.

Your application will be considered by the College of Science and Engineering Recruitment and Admissions Team.  You will then receive a Conditional or Unconditional Offer, or you will be informed that your application has been rejected. UCAS does not tell us about your applications to other universities.

Tips for applying

First Year or Second Year entry?

If you are undecided about whether you should apply for entry to first year or second year and have not yet completed your school studies, we advise you to choose first year entry. If you then meet the entry requirements for second year, you will be able to make this change when you first arrive at the University.  If you have already met the entry requirements for second year, you may apply for this by selecting ‘point of entry 2’ in your UCAS application.

BSc or MPhys?

If you are unsure whether you should apply for the BSc or MPhys degree, we advise you to apply for an MPhys. The degrees have the same content and structure in the first, second and third years, but it is slightly easier to transfer from an MPhys to a BSc rather than the other way around.  We do not ask you to commit to a decision until third year (Junior Honours). Grades allowing, we are very flexible and allow you to swap easily between the two types of degree.

It is better to apply for the MPhys option right at the start if you are seeking financial support from a public body. This will enable you to continue easily from a BSc (4 year duration) to an MPhys (5 year duration). It is always easier to request full funding of the Masters degree at the very beginning, rather than request an extra year's funding when you reach fourth year (Senior Honours). It is also easy to inform a funding body that you won't need the MPhys year's funding if you ultimately decide to graduate with a BSc.