Seminar: Life-plans, Research and Sidetracks

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Seminar: Life-plans, Research and Sidetracks

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Having a career plan is obviously desirable, but equally one should be awake to opportunities when they arise, even when they may look like a deviation. Plans should be seen as a skeletal structure on which to build, not something set in stone. Furthermore, life is about more than a career, and making sure one finds a balance between the personal and professional is also important.

In my own life, plans have featured less than opportunities. These may arise from people one meets, including random chance encounters, as well as professional progression and unexpected invitations. Both my actual research, as well as the other activities I engage in such as with professional bodies, funders and the media, have all tended to evolve organically rather than methodically. It's not such a bad way to proceed, as I hope I'll be able to illustrate.

This seminar is part of the University's Innovative Learning Week.

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