Smart insurance modelling - why is my team full of physics PhDs?

General interest seminar

Smart insurance modelling - why is my team full of physics PhDs?

  • Event time: 5:00pm
  • Event date: 6th March 2008
  • Location: Lecture Theatre A,

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One insurance company has estimated that, using standard methods, it will take approximately 19,000 years to value its business - the answer is required by June. Clearly, standard methods will not suffice. To address this and related issues my team has adapted and implemented "smarter" methods developed by banks. One striking feature of my team is that it consists primarily of physics PhDs with no background in finance. Why is this? This talk will highlight some of the more interesting insurance modelling problems that are being solved using nonstandard methods developed by Tillinghast's smart modelling team, and consider why a physics background has proved such an effective training ground for solving these problems.

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