Winton Award

Information about the Winton Award and a list of student recipients.

Winton Award and recipients

The Winton Award is for postgraduate research students who have produced the best PhD theses in the fields of Astronomy or Particle and Nuclear Physics. This comes with a cash award of £1000 for each of the two research areas.

We are pleased to announce that the following PhD students have received a Winton Award:

2022 Winton Award recipients

  • Minas Karamanis                                      
 Particle and Nuclear Physics 
  • Emmet Byrne
  • Sara Mitchell

2021 Winton Award recipients

  • Ellen Qianjun Hang                                  
  • Ben Moews
 Particle and Nuclear Physics 
  • Ben Maybee

2020 Winton Award recipients

  • Award postponed to following year 
 Particle and Nuclear Physics 
  • Emmy Gabriel
  • Oscar Hall
  • Calum Milloy

2019 Winton Award recipients

  • Adam Carnall
  • Clemence Fontanive                                
 Particle and Nuclear Physics 
  • Joel Mabillard
  • Isobel Nicholson
  • Andreas Sogaard

2018 Winton Award recipients

  • Johanna Vos
 Particle and Nuclear Physics 
  • Maria Francesca Marzioni