Arjun Berera

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Professor A Berera

Professor A Berera

Academic staff
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 4412

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Research interests

My research areas are in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics. My primary research interests are in early universe cosmology theory.  I also have research interest in turbulence.  My interests in cosmology have been focused on developing a more complete description of the early phases of the Big-Bang through my model called warm inflation, which I created in the mid-90s.  My work in this direction involves particle physics and nonequilibrium quantum field theory.

In the past few years I have taught courses in Quantum and Statistical Physics and Quantum Field Theory.

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Recent publications

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  2. Helical mode interactions and spectral transfer processes in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
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  3. Self-organization and transition to turbulence in isotropic fluid motion driven by negative damping at low wavenumbers DOI
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  4. Nonuniversality and finite dissipation in decaying magnetohydrodynamic turbulence DOI
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  5. Fluctuation-dissipation dynamics of cosmological scalar fields DOI
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