Arjun Berera

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Professor A Berera

Professor A Berera

Academic staff
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 4412

Arjun is a member of the following School research institute, research group and research areas:

Research interests

My research areas are in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics. My primary research interests are in early universe cosmology theory.  I also have research interest in turbulence.  My interests in cosmology have been focused on developing a more complete description of the early phases of the Big-Bang through my model called warm inflation, which I created in the mid-90s.  My work in this direction involves particle physics and nonequilibrium quantum field theory.

In the past few years I have taught courses in Quantum and Statistical Physics and Quantum Field Theory.

Arjun has featured in the following recent School news stories:

Early universe physics

In this video Arjun describes his work towards developing a particle physics theory of the early Universe which explains its large scale features observed today as well explains the origin of the baryon asymmetry and the properties of the dark matter and dark energy believed to exist.

Recent publications

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  2. Helical mode interactions and spectral transfer processes in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
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  3. Self-organization and transition to turbulence in isotropic fluid motion driven by negative damping at low wavenumbers DOI
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