Tony Kennedy

Photo of Professor A D Kennedy
Professor A D Kennedy

Professor A D Kennedy

Academic staff
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 4404

Tony is a member of the following School research institute, research group and research area:

Research interests

My current research interests are Lattice Quantum Field Theory (LQFT), Renormalization Theory, algorithms for High Performance Computation (HPC), and computer algebra algorithms for tensor manipulation. I am also interested in HPC hardware and software architecture, Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods, and recently also in the numerical analysis for the symmetric eigenvalue problem for very large systems.

I currently teach courses on Relativistic Quantum Field TheoryGroup and Team Review Project, Quantum Computing Project, and Research Skills for Theoretical Physics.

I am also a personal tutor, mainly for students on the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics MSc programmes.

Recent publications

  1. Shadow Hamiltonians, Poisson Brackets, and Gauge Theories DOI
    , and , Physical Review D, 87, 3
  2. Numerical determination of partial spectrum of Hermitian matrices using a Lanczos method with selective reorthogonalization DOI
    and , Computer Physics Communications, 184, 3, p. 689–697
  3. Monte Carlo Integration with Subtraction
    and , ArXiv
  4. Momentum Space Proof of BPH Renormalization
    , Physical Review D
  5. Bounds on the convergence of Ritz values from Krylov subspaces to interior eigenvalues of Hermitean matrices
    and , ArXiv