Theoretical Physics (BSc and MPhys)

UCAS codes

F302 (BSc)
F306 (MPhys)

Degree overview

Physics is the fundamental human endeavour to understand the structure and evolution of the Universe. Its scope runs from quarks and leptons - the smallest fragments of the Universe - through the material world we perceive directly with our senses, and on to stars and galaxies, and the origins and fate of the Universe itself. Our aim is to guide you through this territory, to share with you our enthusiasm for it, and to equip you with a range of thinking and practical skills which you will need if your subsequent career is in Physics, and which you will value even if it is not.

Studying Theoretical Physics at Edinburgh allows student to develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the physical world and the underlying mathematical methodologies used to describe it
  • Knowledge of frontier activities capitalising on the strengths of a thriving and diverse research environment
  • The attitude of mind conducive to critical questioning and creative thinking and the capacity to formulate ideas mathematically and explore them algebraically, graphically and numerically
  • To develop the skills required for employment in science-based industry, education and the wide spectrum of professions calling for numerate problem-solvers.

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