Walking to JCMB from nearby

Find out how to get to JCMB on foot from the surrounding streets and bus stops.

The map above shows the location of the James Clerk Maxwell Building within the King's Buildings campus, along with nearby bus stops.

In all cases, the simplest route to JCMB is to enter the King's Buildings on Entrance Number 4, which is located on Mayfield Road. Walk straight on until the road splits and veers to the left. The James Clerk Maxwell Building is directly in front of you. Follow the foodpath along the right side of the building and up the steps and through the rear entrance into the main foyer.

Inside JCMB, you'll see the Servitor's Office on your left. Head through the double doors next to it, then take one of the lifts (on your right) up to Level 4. The School of Physics and Astronomy reception is on your right.

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