Getting to the Royal Observatory by bus from the city centre

The two bus services from the city centre that run closest to the Royal Observatory site are the Lothian Buses services 24 and 41.  A number of other buses stop within a 10-15 minute walk from the site.

Catching the Service 24 or 41

Catch bus 24 (west bound) on Princess Street or Lothain Road.  You need to get off the bus on Blackford Avenue before it turns down West Savile Terrace.  You can then walk down the remainder of Blackford Avenue (past the Reid Memorial Church) and up Observatory Road (approx 15 minute walk).  This bus runs approximately every 20-25 minutes during the day.

You can catch bus 41 (east bound) from Princes Street or The Mound (which is a two minute walk from Waverley Train station).  This bus runs approximately every 10 minutes during the day and stops beside the Roger Land Building at the King’s Building campus.  The ROE is a 15 minuted walk from there up Observatory Road.    Bus 41 passes Potterrow and Buccleuch Street, where the George Square is located at the Central campus.

Please note, the walk up Observatory Road is quite steep!

A single bus fare is £1.60.  The buses do not give change.  If you are planning to take 3 or more buses in one day, it is more economical to buy a day ticket for £4.00. 

Catching other buses

The Royal Observatory is a few minutes walk from the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB). Use our instructions for getting to JCMB from the city centre. Once in the proximity of the King's Buildings site, you should head west along West Mains Road, then onto Observatory Road which leads directly to the Observatory.

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