FAQs for potential applicants and current students

Accesible learning FAQs for current students and applicants

I am applying to the University and have a disability.  What should I do?

The application process for students with a disability is exactly the same as for all other applicants. Your support needs are considered separately from academic decision-making.  If you have a disability you are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at an early stage to discuss any concerns you may have.

How can I find out if the degree programme that I am interested in will be suitable for me?

We strive to make our degree programmes accessible to all learners.  Please contact our Coordinator of Adjustments Rosie Edwards if you have specific questions about the suitability of any of our programmes.  

I am a disabled student and need additional support.  Whom should I contact?

If you have a disability that affects your ability to study or your university life you should contact the Student Disability Service. They will advise you and will, if appropriate, arrange for additional support to be put in place. Please remember that you must provide documentary evidence of your impairment, no matter how obvious it may be.

I am a carer for a disabled applicant.  Where can I find more information about support arrangements?

The Student Disability Service is happy to provide information. We also suggest that you encourage the applicant to make contact with the Student Disability Service as early as possible to discuss any issues or concerns.

I am an disabled international student.  What documentation do I need to bring?

You will need to provide documentary evidence of your impairment, no matter how obvious it may be. If the documentation is not in English you will need to provide a translation, so it is important that you allow time for this.