Many of our degree programmes are accredited by the Institute of Physics.

The following degree programmes in the School of Physics & Astronomy are accredited by the Institute of Physics:

  • BSc Astrophysics 
  • BSc Chemical Physics
  • BSc Computational Physics 
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Physics with Meteorology
  • BSc Theoretical Physics
  • MPhys Astrophysics 
  • MPhys Computational Physics  
  • MPhys Physics
  • MPhys Physics with Meteorology
  • MPhys Theoretical Physics
  • MChemPhys Chemical Physics

The BSc Physics with Meteorology degree is also accredited by the Royal Meterological Society.

The Chemical Physics degree programmes are also accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

More information about degree accreditation is available at the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Societies' websites:

Information on the register of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies is available on the Quality Unit website.