69th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics

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69th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics

  • Event time: Starts on 19th August 2012. Runs until 1st September 2012
  • Event dates: 19th August 2012 to 1st September 2012
  • Location: St Andrews

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This advanced summer school on LHC phenomenology will cover a very broad spectrum of experimental and theoretical activity in particle physics, from the searches for the Higgs boson and physics beyond the Standard Model, to detailed studies of Quantum Chromodynamics, the B-physics sectors and the properties of hadronic matter at high energy density as realised in heavy-ion collisions.

The lectures and informal discussions will include an introduction to the theoretical and phenomenological framework of hadron collisions, and current theoretical models of frontier physics, as well as an overview of the main detector components, the initial calibration procedures and physics samples, and early LHC results.

The School will aim to cover all these at a pedagogical level, starting with a basic introduction to the Standard Model and its most likely extensions. Theoretical training will be supplemented by courses on the detector capabilities and search strategies. In summary, the aim of the school will be to equip young particle physicists with the basic tools to extract the maximum benefit from the various LHC experiments.

Distinguished Lecturers and Guest Speakers will include:

  • Sven Heinemyer - Electroweak and theory 
  • Beate Heinemann - Standard Model results 
  • Glen Cowan - Statistical methods 
  • James Stirling - Quantum chromodynamics
  • Bill Murray - Higgs results 
  • Mike Seymour - Monte Carlo tools 
  • Yuval Grossman - Heavy flavour physics 
  • Tim Gershon - Flavour physics - experimental results
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed - BSM phenomenology and EWSB

The School is organised by the universities of Durham, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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