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Date Title Speaker(s)
05 Oct 2019 Fun at the Midlothian Science Festival
20 Sep 2019 Peter Higgs' 90th Birthday Celebration
02 Sep 2019 Piazzi Smyth Symposium R Additional Resources are available for this event
12 Jun 2019 Deconstructing Sauces…. and putting them back together again R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne (Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence)
  • Paul Clegg
07 Jun 2019 Who counts as alive? And what ethical difference does it make?
  • Lucas Mix (Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University)
22 May 2019 Play Dough for Adults (and Kids!) R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne (Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence)
  • Wilson Poon
14 Apr 2019 Edinburgh Science Festival: Exo-elements R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Beth Biller
06 Apr 2019 Edinburgh Science Festival: Physics Wizardry R Additional Resources are available for this event
28 Mar 2019 Ailsa Sparkes Memorial Lecture: 'Particles and People'
  • Fabiola Gianotti (CERN)
27 Mar 2019 Higgs Lecture - From Higgs to the Cosmos: a Journey in the Particle World R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Gian Giudice (CERN)
14 Mar 2019 Academics Unplugged - Soft materials for energy applications R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Job Thijssen
23 Feb 2019 Leith Labs: The Physics of Harry Potter
01 Feb 2019 Teacher Education at the University - new demands, needs and ideas
  • Gunnar Friege (University of Hanover)
26 Oct 2018 Festival of Physics R Additional Resources are available for this event
11 Oct 2018 A Night at Wizarding School (family event) R Additional Resources are available for this event
11 Oct 2018 A Night at Wizarding School (age 18+) R Additional Resources are available for this event
29 Sep 2018 Doors Open Day - Royal Observatory Edinburgh R Additional Resources are available for this event
29 Sep 2018 Doors Open Day - James Clerk Maxwell Building R Additional Resources are available for this event
04 Apr 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival: Physics Wizardry - Potion and Alchemy class R Additional Resources are available for this event
04 Apr 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival: Searching for Dark Matter and Dark Energy R Additional Resources are available for this event
16 Feb 2018 Potions and Plants: A Magical Evening at The Royal Botanic Garden R Additional Resources are available for this event
18 Jan 2018 Inaugural Lecture: Antimicrobial resistance: how can a physicist help? R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Rosalind Allen
12 Jan 2018 The Higgs Boson - Past Present and Future R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Victoria Martin
17 Nov 2017 UnEarthed R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Clive Greated
04 Nov 2017 Festival of Physics R Additional Resources are available for this event
19 Oct 2017 Midlothian Science Festival - Hydro Power Scotland R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Clive Greated
18 Oct 2017 Midlothian Science Festival - Soft Matter Kingdom R Additional Resources are available for this event
16 Oct 2017 Midlothian Science Festival - Choc full of Physics (SOLD OUT) R Additional Resources are available for this event
09 Oct 2017 Midlothian Science Festival - The Perfect Cream Tea R Additional Resources are available for this event
07 Oct 2017 A Residence Above the Clouds
23 Sep 2017 Doors Open Day - soft matter research R Additional Resources are available for this event
13 Aug 2017 Are Aliens Coming to Eat Your Face?
  • Adam Stevens
10 Aug 2017 You Don't Matter
  • Catherine Heymans
  • Joe Zuntz
27 Apr 2017 The Engineering Challenges of Detecting gravitational waves
  • Jim Hough (University of Glasgow)
13 Apr 2017 Modeling Beyond Standard Model Physics
  • Tiziano Camporesi (CMS, CERN)
  • Monica D’Onofrio (ATLAS, CERN and Liverpool University)
  • Jon Butterworth (University College London)
  • Alan Barr ( ATLAS, CERN and the University of Oxford)
  • Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh)
13 Apr 2017 The Hunt for Supersymmetric Particles R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh)
  • David Malone
  • Alan Barr ( ATLAS, CERN and the University of Oxford)
  • Jon Butterworth (University College London)
  • Tiziano Camporesi (CMS, CERN)
  • Monica D’Onofrio (ATLAS, CERN and Liverpool University)
01 Dec 2016 Urban gold mining: using chemistry to recover resources (Academics Unplugged)
  • Jason Love (School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
16 Nov 2016 Postgradudate Open Day
19 Oct 2016 Half life: The divided life of Bruno Maximovich Pontecorvo
  • Frank Close (University of Oxford)
01 Aug 2016 Ninth International Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Lattice QFT (QCDNA) R Additional Resources are available for this event
27 Jun 2016 Holography, conformal field theories, and lattice R Additional Resources are available for this event
30 Jun 2016 Scotland's Impact on Astronomy: From James Gregory to Gravitational Waves
  • Martin Hendry
  • Fred Watson
13 May 2016 A New Look At Integrable Spin Systems
  • Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
02 May 2016 Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism
  • Kathryn Tanner (Marquand Professor of Systematic Theology, Yale Divinity School)
12 May 2016 Beyond Discipline (documentary on interdisciplinarity) R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Sasha Kangasky
  • Paul Maguire
03 Apr 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival: Symmetries in Light
31 Mar 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival: After the Higgs Boson - what's next?
30 Mar 2016 Edinburgh International Science Festival: Lost in Space 3D
24 Mar 2016 Major transitions in evolution: how did a dinosaur change into a bird? (Academics Unplugged)
  • Steve Brusatte (Chancellor’s Fellow, School of GeoSciences)
03 Mar 2016 Gifford Lecture - Cosmopolitan visions: science and reason in a world of difference
  • Sheila Jasanoff
25 Feb 2016 Multiphase fluid mechanics = Math + Phy + Eng + Bio + Chem + Big Data: an interdisciplinary melting pot (Academics Unplugged)
  • Prashant Valluri​ (Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering)
11 Feb 2016 Soft Materials for Energy Applications
04 Feb 2016 Geometry of language (School of Mathematics Colloquium)
  • Matilde Marcolli (Caltech)
28 Jan 2016 S&T Developments to meet the Next Generation of United States Air Force Operations to and within Space
  • Michael T. Huggins (United States Air Force)
28 Jan 2016 Antimicrobial resistance: how can physicists help? (Academics Unplugged semester 2)
  • Rosalind Allen
26 Jan 2016 Quantum Sensors – A Quantum Technology Moving into Applications
  • Kai Bongs (University of Birmingham)
14 Jan 2016 Inaugural Lecture: A billion billion calculations in a second – a step too far
  • Mark Parsons
17 Dec 2015 "Lighting the Future: Brighter, Smaller, Faster!"
  • Janet Milne (Intelligent Lighting Centre, University of Strathclyde)
15 Dec 2015 IOP Lecture at the RSE: Multifunctional Additive Manufacturing
  • Richard Hague (University of Nottingham)
03 Dec 2015 Academics Unplugged: Modelling Chemical Reactions (Is chemistry really just a branch of mathematics?)
  • Carole Morrison (Reader, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
01 Dec 2015 College Talks: Let me tell you about something interesting…
24 Nov 2015 College Talks: Let me tell you about something interesting…
09 Nov 2015 Inspiring Brilliance: Celebrating Maxwell's Genius and Legacy
  • Peter Knight
  • Michael Atiyah
  • Jim Al-Khalili
  • Malcolm Longair
24 Sep 2015 Inaugural Lecture: Prof. Eugene Gregoryanz
  • Eugene Gregoryanz
24 Sep 2015 Inaugural Lecture: The diamond anvil cell: a perfect window into the world of extreme conditions
  • Eugene Gregoryanz
14 Jul 2015 Roles of growing structural order in slow glassy dynamics and crystal nucleation
  • Hajime Tanaka (Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan)
13 Jun 2015 James Clerk Maxwell: More Than Meets the Eye
  • Wilson Poon
11 Jun 2015 Energy Storage: Our Future Salvation? Inaugural Lecture of Professor Win Rampen, Chair of Energy Storage
15 May 2015 Nuclear Physics and R-process Nucleosynthesis
  • Norbert Christlieb (University of Heidelberg)
  • Giuseppe Lorusso (National Physical Laboratory)
  • Tomislav Marketin (University of Zagreb)
  • Nobuya Nishimura (Keele University)
14 Apr 2015 Is there evidence for Fe and CHNOPS (bio)geochemical cycling on Mars?
  • Christian Schröder (University of Stirling)
25 Mar 2015 Webinar - Introduction to HPC Supercomputers, Data Science and EPCC's MSc Programmes in HPC
  • David Henty
02 Feb 2015 The Habitability of Mars: An Update from Curiosity (and Beagle)
  • John Bridges (Space Research Centre, University of Leicester)
27 Jan 2015 Heart-stopping moments in biomedical imaging – how physics is helping advance cardiac medicine
  • Jonathan Taylor (University of Glasgow)
21 Jan 2015 The Rosetta mission: What’s going on?
  • Matt Taylor
05 Jan 2015 NERC training course: Quantifying The Environment II
07 Jan 2015 Higgs Symposium on Scientific Challenges and Big Computing
12 Dec 2014 Complex Networks Workshop: Theory and Applications
04 Dec 2014 IoP Scotland Open Meeting
02 Dec 2014 Space weather: Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture
  • Jonathan Eastwood (Imperial)
01 Dec 2014 LiFi and Wifi workshop
21 Nov 2014 Workshop on Women in HPC at SC14: Showcasing Women in High Performance Computing
21 Nov 2014 Postgraduate Open Day
20 Nov 2014 'On narrow roads to the north: a physicist travels to Fukushima': IOP Scotland Public Lecture
  • Bjoern Seitz (University of Glasgow)
19 Nov 2014 Demystifying Big Data
15 Nov 2014 Faith and Cosmology Conference
14 Nov 2014 The Transfer of Science and Philosophy Across Religious Boundaries in the Middle Ages
12 Nov 2014 Watch the Rosetta probe land on Comet 67P
11 Nov 2014 Isotope and Redox Geochemistry of Sulfur in Earth System Processes: Insights into Organic-Inorganic Sulfur Formation and Cycling in Modern, Ancient and Prebiotic Environments
  • Harry Oduro (Laboratory for Stable Isotopes & Organic Geochemistry, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of St Andrews)
23 Oct 2014 EPSRC workshop on Non-equilibrium Processes at Negative Temperature
07 Oct 2014 The Chilean Altiplano: A High Altitude Analogue for Mars and the Early Earth
  • Vernon Phoenix (School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow)
02 Oct 2014 Finite Automata and the Infinite: 2014 annual Milner Lecture
  • Wolfgang Thomas
30 Sep 2014 How Humans (and Machines) Integrate Language and Vision: Inaugural Lecture
  • Frank Keller (Personal Chair in Computational Cognitive Science)
30 Sep 2014 Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA)'s 6th Annual Symposium
26 Sep 2014 "Doors Open Late" and "Doors Open Day"
25 Sep 2014 Putting the ‘f’ in Chemistry: Inaugural Lecture
  • Polly L. Arnold (Crum Brown Chair of Chemistry)
25 Sep 2014 Climate Change: The world is warming, what next? Exploring the frontiers of climate science
  • Julia Slingo (DBE Chief Scientist, UK Meteorological Office)
27 Aug 2014 Materials for Quantum Technologies workshop
22 Jul 2014 Inerters and Formula 1: ICMS public lecture
  • Malcolm Smith (Cambridge University)
23 Jun 2014 Development of an advanced scanning transmission electron microscope for material science research: Sir Martin Wood Lecture
  • Naoya Shibata of the University of Tokyo
16 Jun 2014 SINAPSE Annual Scientific Meeting and SPIRIT Showcase
12 Jun 2014 A Beginner's Guide to Quantum Information: Glasgow series of IoP Scotland public lectures
  • Sarah Croke (Quantum Theory Group, University of Glasgow)
22 May 2014 Homogeneous Catalysis - from Molecules to Processes: Inaugural lecture
  • Dieter Vogt (Chair of Industrial Chemistry at Edinburgh University)
13 May 2014 Muss Es Sein? - Epigraph to a String Quartet: theory of superstrings public lecture
  • Yang-Hui He (City University London; Nankai University & Merton College, Oxford)
06 May 2014 The Meaning of Matter, the Trouble with Time: philosophy of physics conference
28 Apr 2014 3 Minute Thesis: College of Science & Engineering Final
25 Apr 2014 WISE 2014 workshop
23 Apr 2014 A Hands-On Introduction to HPC
22 Apr 2014 Fabrication and Device Issues for III-N Based Materials and Devices: SUPA Distinguished Visitor Seminar
  • Peter J Parbrook (Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork)
10 Apr 2014 Special issues in the analysis of nuclear physics data: SUPA Distinguished Visitor lecture
  • Frank Strieder
03 Apr 2014 SU2P Workshop on High-Power Lasers at the Forefront of Science and Technology (HPLSCITECH)
14 Mar 2014 Old and New Results from the Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Andrew Jaffe (Imperial College London)
13 Mar 2014 Making the world’s best clock
  • Jun Ye (JILA, NIST/Colorado)
13 Mar 2014 Unconscious bias and gender equality in Physics: IOP Workshop
10 Mar 2014 Return of the silver bullet or avoiding Groundhog Day? Auto-parallelisation reloaded: Inaugural Lecture
  • Michael O'Boyle (Personal Chair in Computer Science)
21 Feb 2014 Building Habitable Worlds: one-day symposium for early-career researchers
13 Feb 2014 Quantum Technologies Workshop: SUPA colloquium
  • Leo Hollberg (Stanford University)
  • Stefan Hild (University of Glasgow)
  • Stefan Kuhr (University of Strathclyde)
11 Feb 2014 Sustainable energy - without the hot air: IOP lecture
  • David J.C. MacKay (Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge)
14 Jan 2014 Low-Dimensional Molecular Systems: IOP lecture
  • Graham Leggett (University of Sheffield)
08 Jan 2014 Directions in Theoretical Physics
19 Dec 2013 International Year of Light 2015: talk by Prof John Dudley
  • John Dudley (President of the European Physical Society)
17 Dec 2013 Quantum technologies using electron and nuclear spins: IOP Edinburgh lecture
  • John Morton (UCL)
12 Dec 2013 GAIA talk: SUPA
  • Ian Bonnell (St Andrews)
10 Dec 2013 Botanica Mathematica - a textile taxonomy of mathematical plants: International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) public lecture
  • Julia Collins (University of Edinburgh (School of Mathematics))
  • Madeleine Shepherd (ICMS Communication Officer)
21 Nov 2013 Hunting the Higgs boson
  • Victoria Martin
21 Nov 2013 History-Dependence and Tipping Points in Patterns of Whole Ecosystems: International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) public lecture
  • Jonathan Sherratt (Heriot Watt University, School of Mathematics and Computer Science)
21 Nov 2013 Why are we here?
  • Martin Hendry
19 Nov 2013 Archaeology of Exo-Terrestrial Planetary Systems: 2013-2014 Edinburgh series of IOP Lectures
  • Jay Farihi (University of Cambridge)
19 Nov 2013 The Search for Gravitational Waves on ground and in space
  • Jim Hough (University of Glasgow)
06 Nov 2013 Applications of Nanomedicine in Diabetes: John Anderson Colloquium
  • John Pickup (Kings College London School of Medicine)
05 Nov 2013 Stable isotope insights into early Earth environments
  • Aubrey Zerkle (University of St Andrews)
04 Nov 2013 Class Medals and Certificates of Merit: presentation ceremony
15 Oct 2013 The mathematics of biodiversity: International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) public lecture
  • Tom Leinster (University of Edinburgh (School of Mathematics))
14 Oct 2013 Games, Auctions, Learning, and the Price of Anarchy: The 2013 Milner Lecture
  • Eva Tardos (Cornell University)
10 Oct 2013 Atoms to devices: R&D workshop
23 Sep 2013 Application of Next Generation Accelerators: Annual Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) conference
19 Sep 2013 Scientific and Technical Priorities in Geological Repositories: Science and Space Technologies
09 Sep 2013 22nd European Workshop on Heterostructure Technology (HETECH)
11 Sep 2013 Workshop for research software engineers
02 Sep 2013 Higgs Centre Workshop on Topological Quantum Matter
02 Sep 2013 Conference: Control and applications of light at the nanoscale
03 Jul 2013 SUPA: Lectures on quantum physics for quantum information by Prof. Paris
  • Matteo Paris (University of Milan (Italy))
05 Jul 2013 High throughput search for better nanograined thermoelectrics: SUPA colloquium
  • Jesús Carrete Montaña (CEA-Grenoble)
20 Jun 2013 A Mass Audience with Higgs
19 Jun 2013 Translation into the clinical environment: a SUPA INSPIRE/Heath Science Scotland Meeting
28 May 2013 Numerical simulations shed light on the organization of topological domains in interphase chromosomes
  • Andrzej Stasiak
13 May 2013 Quasars, galaxies and monster black holes: Inaugural Lecture
  • Philip Best
10 May 2013 Random Matrices, Vicious Walkers and Yang-Mills Gauge Theory
  • Satya Majumdar (Université de Paris-Sud)
08 May 2013 UWS Physics Seminar Series: The Enigma of Optical Momentum
  • Stephen Barnett (Professor of Quantum Optics, University of Strathclyde.)
17 Apr 2013 The 5th UK Astrobiology Society of Britain Conference
15 Apr 2013 SU2P Annual Symposium
09 Apr 2013 Exascale Applications and Software Conference
28 Mar 2013 Using the World's Largest Laser to Study Matter at Extreme Energy Density: Exotic Solids to Inertial Fusion
  • G.W. Collins (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA)
26 Mar 2013 Black Holes, White Holes and Bathtub Physics: IOP Lecture
  • Daniele Faccio (Heriot Watt University)
15 Feb 2013 Symposium: Particle Physics at the crossroads
12 Feb 2013 Design Secrets of Energy Efficient Brains: IOP Edinburgh lecture
  • Simon Laughlin (University of Cambridge)
02 Feb 2013 Large Hadron Collider exhibition
22 Jan 2013 The Square Kilometre Array: Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture series
  • Richard Schilizzi (University of Manchester)
09 Jan 2013 The Higgs Symposium
09 Jan 2013 PGAS Programming with UPC and Fortran Coarrays
19 Dec 2012 SUPA: Young Theorists' Forum
11 Dec 2012 Hunting the Higgs at the LHC: Second Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture
  • Craig Buttar (University of Glasgow)
07 Dec 2012 CTR Wilson Conference
04 Dec 2012 Software Carpentry Boot Camp
20 Nov 2012 Cray XE6 Performance Workshop
19 Nov 2012 Is Informatics an indiscrete science?
  • Stephen Gilmore (Personal Chair of Software Systems Modelling)
13 Nov 2012 International endeavour to establish Laser-Based High Energy Physics and Applications
15 Nov 2012 Talk: Earth observing satellites and models
09 Nov 2012 Modelling the solar and stellar atmospheres: SUPA Distinguished Visitor lecture
08 Nov 2012 Gentle introduction to non-equilibrium spectroscopy: SUPA Distinguished Visitor lecture
06 Nov 2012 Photonic Quantum Technologies: Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture
  • Jeremy O'Brien (University of Bristol)
27 Oct 2012 Into Deep Space: Family Drop-in Activities
28 Oct 2012 Into Deep Space: Night-time Stargazing
  • Charles Cockell
  • Ken Rice
16 Oct 2012 Cradle of life or barren wasteland? Geochemical constraints on early Martian water
  • Nicholas Tosca (University of St Andrews)
05 Oct 2012 KE Scotland Conference: Policy, Practice, Impact
24 Sep 2012 Astrophotonics Summer School
13 Sep 2012 SUPA Condensed Matter Doctoral Training Centre: Industrial Associates Careers event
03 Sep 2012 Nanoporation Summer School
07 Sep 2012 Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets
06 Sep 2012 Second Annual DiRAC Day
05 Sep 2012 Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets
19 Aug 2012 69th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics
27 Aug 2012 IIIOS summer school
20 Jun 2012 Introduction to technology startups: Roberts Funded Lecture
  • Steve Hsu (Professor of Theoretical Physics & Director Institute for Theoretical Science University of Oregon)
13 Jun 2012 The College of Science & Engineering's Darwin and Maxwell lectures
  • Catherine Heymans
  • Rachel Wood
  • Peter Reid
05 Jun 2012 Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets
18 May 2012 Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets
17 May 2012 The intertwined foundations of mathematics and computer science
  • Alex Simpson (Personal Chair in Foundations of Computer Science)
11 May 2012 Improved Spatial Resolution of Martian Water Ice Maps
  • L.F.A. Teodoro
01 May 2012 Hands-on Writing workshops
  • Marialuisa Aliotta
  • Olga Degtyareva
26 Apr 2012 Peptides, Aggregation and Toxicity: Kings Links Colloquium
  • Rosalind Allen
  • Tilo Kunath Centre for Regenerative Medicine (University of Edinburgh)
  • Christopher M. Dobson
25 Apr 2012 Robots that learn: old dreams, new tools
  • Sethu Vijayakumar (Chair of Robotics)
23 Apr 2012 The Third SU2P Annual Symposium
20 Apr 2012 Women in Science & Engineering networking event
12 Apr 2012 How to start writing: virtual lecture
  • Olga Degtyareva
05 Apr 2012 CO2 as a Trigger for Switchable Materials?
  • Philip Jessop (Queen's University and GreenCentre Canada)
26 Mar 2012 Signal processing and inference for the physical sciences
22 Mar 2012 Kelvin Lecture: From protons to petabytes - the science and computing challenges at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Peter Clarke
14 Mar 2012 Kesterites - a new challenging material for solar cells
  • Susanne Siebentritt (University of Luxembourg)
07 Mar 2012 Physics Colloquia - The Search of a Deeper Understanding of our Universe at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Rolf Heuer (CERN Director General)
06 Mar 2012 The aerodynamics and flight performance of insects
  • Richard Bomphrey (University of Oxford)
22 Feb 2012 Imaging and Sensing in Medicine and Life Sciences workshop
22 Feb 2012 Workshop: Imaging and Sensing in Medicine and the Life Sciences
21 Feb 2012 The power of supersymmetry; exact results in field and string theories
  • Nadav Drukker (Kings College London)
01 Feb 2012 SUPA Distinguished Visitor Seminar - Current and Future Trends in Laser Medicine
  • Brian C Wilson
23 Jan 2012 Graphene: Unexpected Science in a Pencil Trace
  • Aravind Vijayaraghavan (University of Manchester)
14 Dec 2011 Young Theorists' Forum 2011
13 Dec 2011 Science and Engineering Challenges of the European Extremely Large Telescope
  • Colin Cunningham (UK-Astronomy Technology Centre - Edinburgh)
23 Nov 2011 Quantum Games, Quantum Information and the Foundations of Quantum Physics
  • Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna)
16 Nov 2011 Juggling with atoms and photons in a cavity
  • Serge Haroche (Ecole Normale Supérieure and Collège de France, Paris)
11 Nov 2011 Going Dark theatre show
22 Sep 2011 What can mathematics say about liquid crystals?
  • John Ball (University of Oxford)
21 Sep 2011 Now, Sometime, Never? Equality for Women in Higher Education
  • Paul Walton (Department of Chemistry, University of York)
12 Sep 2011 Postgraduate Summer School in Astrobiology
15 Sep 2011 Nano Meets Spectroscopy: SUPA-sponsored meeting
13 Sep 2011 Inaugural Lecture: 'Understanding the Web, How theory and practice diverge'
  • Henry S. Thompson (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
08 Sep 2011 Wolfson Microelectronics – from university spin-out to global market leader
17 Aug 2011 LIFE – Fusion energy soon enough to make a difference
  • Mike Dunne (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California)
30 Jun 2011 When freezing cold is not cold enough – new forms of matter close to absolute zero temperature
  • Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT, Cambridge Mass, USA)
14 Jun 2011 SUPA lecture series: Milli-arcsecond Imaging with Infrared Interferometers
  • John Monnier (associate Professor of Astronomy at the University of Michigan)
13 Jun 2011 Science for a Summer's Evening: Charles Darwin and James Clerk Maxwell lectures 2011
08 Jun 2011 IoP event: The Psychology of Communicating Science
02 Jun 2011 Global Change Seminar: Is it physically possible to have our economic prosperity and stabilize atmospheric CO2 too?
  • Tim Garrett (University of Utah)
10 May 2011 Lecture: Separating possible from impossible, or why practical computing needs theory
  • Leonid Libkin (Chair of Foundations of Data Management)
06 May 2011 Crawford Lecture: Two God-Fearing Astronomers from Wittenberg or How Copernicanism Began in 1540
  • Richard Kremer (Dartmouth College)
01 Jan 2011 Urban soundscapes and landscapes
15 Mar 2011 The Search for Dark Matter at Boulby Mine
  • Chamkaur Ghag (PDRA, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics)
14 Mar 2011 2011 Sir Edmund Whittaker Colloquium: "Topology and Data"
  • Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford)
21 Feb 2011 Postgraduate Virtual Open Week: 21–25 February 2011
01 Dec 2010 Space Technology lecture: Edinburgh, 1st December
16 Nov 2010 LECTURE: On Information Carriers in Biomolecular Networks
12 Nov 2010 Postgraduate open day
11 Nov 2010 Between Edinburgh and Egypt: how the Pyramids transformed Scottish astronomy
10 Aug 2010 Series of talks on Physics & Life Sciences
22 Jul 2010 Science talk by former Astronomer Royal plus Star Trek screening
19 May 2010 Memorial ceremony for Thomas Binoth
14 May 2010 Astronomy, Statistics and Geometry
28 Apr 2010 edikt2010 Symposium: Using Computing in your Research
17 Apr 2010 Paul Dirac event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival
08 Apr 2010 LHC and the Secret of Mass (Edinburgh International Science Festival)
13 Apr 2010 Edinburgh First (Edinburgh International Science Festival)
19 Mar 2010 High Performance Storage with SSDs
10 Mar 2009 Exhibition: DEAD or ALIVE

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