Astronomy, Statistics and Geometry

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Astronomy, Statistics and Geometry

  • Event time: 3:00pm
  • Event date: 14th May 2010
  • Location: Lecture Theatre C,

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Following the huge success of last termʼs event featuring Sir Michael Atiyah, we continue a series of crossover talks between the astronomy and maths departments. This time in KB, the afternoon will include an overview of several areas of current research in astrophysics and cosmology that would be ripe for interdisciplinary collaboration. The non-technical talks will be presented by a PhD student, a Postdoc and a Professor at a level accessible to all.

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3:00 pm Duncan Forgan: Using Monte Carlo realization techniques to model the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
3:30 pm Alan Heavens: Hunting for inflation.
4:00 pm Tom Kitching: The transformation of gravitational lensing: illuminating dark matter and dark energy.
4:30 pm Informal discussion over tea, in the JCMB 3rd floor snack bar.

Further information
Richard Massey (astronomy): rm [at]
Andrew Ranicki (mathematics): a.ranicki [at]

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