Atoms to devices: R&D workshop

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Atoms to devices: R&D workshop

  • Event time: 9:30am
  • Event date: 10th October 2013

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As the cost and complexity of semiconductor design and manufacturing rises, there is a greater emphasis than ever on the development of 'More than Moore' materials, devices and processes. Through this approach, new product innovation and functionality becomes possible for a wide range of organisations within the industry.

The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of the research status and potential of important new materials that are suitable for the development of low-dimensional devices and structures. These include materials such as GaN, Metal Oxides including ZnO, III-Vs and Graphene.

The aim is to give industry professionals a general overview of progress and opportunity, and to bring the academic and industrial communities together to better understand future material and device integration, manufacturing and product innovation challenges and opportunities.

Preliminary agenda

  • 9.30    Registration and Networking
  • 10.00  Welcome                                                                         Prof. Steve Hall, University of Liverpool
  • 10.10  Support for Innovation in New Technologies                       Paul Huggett, ESP KTN and Dr. Alastair McGibbon, NMI
  • 10.30  ALD Process Technologies for Low-Dimensional Devices    Prof. Paul Chalker, University of Liverpool
  • 11.00  III-V on Silicon Devices                                                    Prof. Iain Thayne, University of Glasgow
  • 11.30  Innovative Epilayer and Multilayer Growth                          IQE
  • 12.00  Fabricating Low-D devices for industrial applications            Prof. Mo Missous, University of Manchester
  • 12.30  Lunch, Networking and Poster Session
  • 2.00    Transferring novel GaN Technologies to Manufacturing        Dr. David Wallis, Plessey Semiconductor
  • 2.30   Graphene and other 2-D devices                                          Dr. Cecilia Mattevi, Imperial College, London
  • 3.00   Metal Oxides and Large Area Electronics                             University of Cambridge
  • 3.30   Close and tour of the Liverpool Facilities


This event is free to attend. Register here.

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