Cray XE6 Performance Workshop

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Cray XE6 Performance Workshop

  • Event time: Starts on 20th November 2012. Runs until 22nd November 2012
  • Event dates: 20th November 2012 to 22nd November 2012

Event details

The Cray Centre of Excellence for HECToR and EPCC will deliver this course on the Cray XE6 and Multicore programming over three days. It will introduce new and existing users to the more powerful and advanced features of the hardware and software stack available.

Attendees would benefit from experience with or an interest in Cray hardware. There will also be many opportunities for attendees to discuss their applications with members of EPCC and the Cray Centre of Excellence. The organisers encourage attendees to make their own applications available for testing during practical sessions.

This course is funded by the PRACE project and is free to all.

Pre-requisite programming languages

Knowledge of Fortran, C or C++, and MPI would be benefiicial.  It is not possible to do the exercises in Java.

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