Directions in Theoretical Physics

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Directions in Theoretical Physics

  • Event time: Starts at 12:30pm on 8th January 2014. Runs until 10th January 2014
  • Event dates: 8th January 2014 to 10th January 2014
  • Location: Appleton Tower

Event details

The Higgs Centre has organised this two-and-a-half day meeting on new directions in theoretical physics. The aim is to explore and discuss new directions at the frontiers of theoretical physics in a broad range of topics, including astrophysics, cosmology, condensed matter, complex sytems and particle physics. We hope to encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The meeting will bring together the recent Nobel prize winners and other international experts, many of whom are Associates or Affiliates of the Higgs Centre.

Key Speakers

  • François Englert
  • Peter Higgs
  • Tom Kibble
  • Guido Altarelli
  • Lisa Randall
  • Robert Brandenberger
  • Lance Dixon
  • Michael Duff,
  • Bruno Eckhardt
  • Subir Sachdev

The meeting takes place immediately after the 2014 ATLAS UK physics meeting, which will be held in the same place between Monday and Wednesday. The Wednesday afternoon session will focus on the Higgs boson discovery and other developments at the LHC.

The meeting will start with lunch on Wednesday January 8th and ends after lunch on Friday January 10th.


Please register via the event page on the Higgs Centre website.

There is a £50 conference fee to be paid when upon registration. This covers the conference dinner, lunch and coffee breaks.

We have reserved tickets for all conference attendees for the Wednesday evening public event Edinburgh's Enlightenment Reborn: An Audience with Higgs, Englert & Kibble.


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