Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets

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Films: Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets

  • Event time: All day
  • Event date: 7th September 2012

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Two films introduce some of the people searching for planets - and life - beyond our Solar System. 

Into Deep Space

A film by Anne Milne & Alberto Iorda​nov

This film looks at the question of life outside the Solar System, focusing on the work of Dr Duncan Forgan – a theoretical astronomer from the University of Edinburgh – and Grant Miller, an observational astronomer based at the University of St Andrews.

Grant uses the James Gregory Telescope in St Andrews to study exoplanets. Part of Duncan’s work involves theoretical calculations and computer simulations – incorporating the latest exoplanet data – to improve our understanding of how and where we might expect to see life appearing in our galaxy.

Close Distance

A film by Stefan​o Nurra & Florian Schwarz

A comparison of the lives of Caroyln Bol - an amateur astronomer in Helensburgh who is participating in the citizen science project ‘Planet Hunters’ - and Dr Martin Dominik, Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews.

Martin uses a technique called gravitational microlensing to detect small planets orbiting other stars. The film explores the enthusiasm Carolyn, an amateur, and Martin, a professional astronomer, share for the study of exoplanets.


University of Aberdeen

Friday September 7th, Time TBC

Part of the British Science Association Festival 2012. Booking details to follow soon.

Kirkwall, Venue TBC

Tuesday September 11th, Time TBC

Part of the Orkney Science Festival


This is a Scottish Government Science Engagement Grant funded collaboration between The Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and the universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

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