Higgs Symposium on Scientific Challenges and Big Computing

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Higgs Symposium on Scientific Challenges and Big Computing

  • Event time: Starts on 7th January 2015. Runs until 8th January 2015
  • Event dates: 7th January 2015 to 8th January 2015
  • Location: Appleton Tower

Event details

Many Grand Challenge problems in theoretical and experimental particle physics, theoretical astrophysics, and condensed matter physics may be addressed by computer simulation. This is a third scientific method lying between traditional theoretical tools and experiment. Grand Challenge problems are also distinguished by having their solution enabled only by the most powerful computers. Such challenges involve the processing of enormous volumes of data, and may involve fertile interdisciplinary work between basic science, mathematics, and High Performence Computing development and usage.

The symposium is intended to generate discussions across multiple disciplines. It will bring together experts in the areas of astrophysics and cosmology, density functional theory, and theoretical and experimental particle physics. The speakers are leaders in these fields and will discuss large-scale simulations, algorithm development and parallel computer technology.

Event website: https://higgs.ph.ed.ac.uk/workshops/higgs-centre-symposium-scientific-challenges-and-big-computing

Confirmed speakers

Particle Physics Theory & Experiment

  • Mauro Morendin  (INFN)
  • Rene Brun       (CERN)
  • Martin Luscher  (CERN)
  • Norman Christ   (Columbia University)
  • Shoji Hashimoto (KEK)
  • Richard Brower  (Boston University)

Astrophysics & Cosmology

  • Katrin Heitmann (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Adrian Jenkins  (Durham University)
  • Paul Shellard   (Cambridge University)

Condensed matter physics

  • Spencer Sherwin (Imperial College)
  • Stewart Clark   (Durham University)

HPC industry

  • Eng Lim Goh (Silicon Graphics)
  • Pradeep Dubey (Intel Parallel Computing Labs)
  • Duncan Roweth (Cray)


Attendees are requested to register by 12th December. See website.


To be paid upon registration

   Full delegate £80: covering banquet, lunches and coffee
   PhD student delegate: £40

PhD students are encouraged to apply for economy hotel accomodation, fully-funded by the Higgs Centre.

Travel and accommodation

See website for advice and information.

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