Nuclear Physics and R-process Nucleosynthesis

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Nuclear Physics and R-process Nucleosynthesis

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We are pleased to announce an IoP-sponsored half-day meeting on “Nuclear Physics and R-process Nucleosynthesis”.

This half-day meeting will bring together nuclear physicists, astronomers, and astrophysicists studying nucleosynthesis during rapid neutron-capture process. It will provide a venue to learn about exciting developments in the field, such as the observation of new elemental abundances in metal-poor stars, r-process models that include increasingly sophisticated treatment of the dynamical evolution of the astrophysical environment, and the opportunities for experiments with r-process isotopes with a new generation of radioactive ion beam laboratories and new equipment (eg the AIDA detector for beta-decays developed in the UK). The event will also be an opportunity to discuss future lines of research and ways to coordinate the efforts of our communities across disciplinary lines.

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