Photonic Quantum Technologies: Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture

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Photonic Quantum Technologies: Institute of Physics Edinburgh lecture

  • Event time: 7:30pm
  • Event date: 6th November 2012
  • Speaker: (University of Bristol)
  • Location: Royal Society, London

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This is the first lecture in the 2012-2013 Institute of Physics (IOP) Edinburgh lecture series.

Talk abstract

The first quantum technology that harnesses quantum mechanical effects for its core operation has arrived in the form of commercially available quantum key distribution systems.

This technology achieves enhanced security by encoding information in photons such that an eavesdropper in the system can be detected. Anticipated future quantum technologies include large-scale secure networks, enhanced measurement and lithography, and quantum information processors, which promise exponentially greater computational power for particular tasks. Photonics is destined to have a central role in such technologies owing to the high-speed transmission and outstanding low-noise properties of photons. These technologies will undoubtedly apply and drive state-of-the-art developments in photonics.

Refreshments from 7:00 pm.

All are welcome to attend. This event is free and open to non-members.


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