Series of talks on Physics & Life Sciences

General event

Series of talks on Physics & Life Sciences

  • Event time: 9:00am
  • Event date: 10th August 2010
  • Location: CSEC Lecture Theatre,

Event details

A series of talks about physics and the life sciences.  All are welcome.

9.30: Gerard Giraud - Novel developments in fluorescence lifetime imaging and dielectrophoresis technologies for molecular diagnostic applications

10.00: Simon Titmuss - Responsive colloids: from the self-assembly of nanoparticles to the mechanical properties of viruses & evolution

10.30: Richard Benninger - Development and application of fluorescence imaging to understand biological organisation and dynamics

11.00: COFFEE

11.30: Mark Telling - Magic Bullets and Plastic Sponges: Biophysics research using QENS

12.00: Matthew Krzystyniak - Water as you have never seen before

12.30: LUNCH

1.30: Carmen Domene - Computer simulation of complex biological phenomena

2.00: Ulrich Zachariae - Biomolecular transport across membranes: Mechanisms, driving forces, and targets for therapeutic intervention.

2.30: Mark Miller - Structure and stability of electrospray droplets

3.00: COFFEE

3.30: Chui Fan Lee - The physics of protein amyloid formation

4.00: Ben Corry - Transport in biological and synthetic pores

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