Signal processing and inference for the physical sciences

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Signal processing and inference for the physical sciences

  • Event time: Starts on 26th March 2012. Runs until 27th March 2012
  • Event dates: 26th March 2012 to 27th March 2012
  • Location: Royal Society, London

Event details

The Royal Society is organising a two-day conference, to be followed by a two-day satellite meeting in which themes will be further developed in a more informal setting.

The meeting will bring together two vibrant research groups for an exchange of ideas: physical scientists working with challenging data and needing tools to make the most of it; and analysts not yet working in these rich scientific fields. Speakers cover applications across astrophysics, biological physics, geophysics and earth sciences and meet those from applied mathematics, computer science, engineering and statistics. We aim to open the world of new methods for data analysis to the physical scientist and accelerate the integration of data analysts into physical science.

Confirmed speakers are:
Professor Christopher Bishop
Professor Neil Cornish
Professor Zoubin Ghahramani
Professor Mark Girolami
Dr Michael Hedlin
Professor Aapo Hyvarinen
Professor Hod Lipson
Dr Max Little
Professor Sofia Olhede
Professor Stephen Roberts
Professor Malcolm Sambridge
Dr Mukund Thattai
Professor Jens Timmer
Dr Simon Vaughan
Professor Paul Vitanyi
Professor Andrew Walden

The proceedings of this meeting are scheduled to be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions A.

This discussion meeting is intended for researchers in relevant fields and is free to attend, but pre-registration online is essential. 

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