The College of Science & Engineering's Darwin and Maxwell lectures

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The College of Science & Engineering's Darwin and Maxwell lectures

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Two of Edinburgh's most celebrated former students, Charles Darwin and James Clerk Maxwell, went on to lay down fundamental ideas in their fields, a legacy which Edinburgh researchers use every day. The College of Science and Engineering celebrates this legacy in our Darwin and Maxwell lectures. 

This year, astronomer Dr Catherine Heymans will share the latest discoveries in the search for dark matter and explain what the findings mean for the future of Physics. Geologist Dr Rachel Wood will explore a question which troubled Darwin: was there really an explosion of new forms in the fossil record or was it simply an explosion of fossils after animals acquired hard body parts which could be well preserved? 

We also have a special feature in which Peter Reid from the College's FUSION team will present Maxwell's Vision: a demonstration of the world's first colour photograph.

BBC Science Correspondent Ken Macdonald will be on hand to chair the event. 

Science on a Summer's Even‚Äčing

Around the lectures, we've pulled together a special programme including summertime jazz courtesy of Swing 2012, hands-on science and a little light food and drink. 

Join us for a wonderful summer evening of science.

This event is free, but ticketed.

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