The Habitability of Mars: An Update from Curiosity (and Beagle)

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The Habitability of Mars: An Update from Curiosity (and Beagle)

  • Event time: 1:30pm
  • Event date: 2nd February 2015
  • Speaker: (Space Research Centre, University of Leicester)
  • Location: CSEC Seminar Room,

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The Curiosity Rover has shown convincing evidence for a habitable environment on Mars, with an early Hesperian fluvio-lacustrine environment. In addition Curiosity has made the first bona fide identification of methane on Mars and analysed other chlorinated organic compounds. Clay - with similarities to that studied in the nakhlite martian meteorites  - has been identified and from this and other secondary minerals we can determine conditions of habitability: T, pH, fluid composition. This mission has made many other discoveries which I will discuss.

Another mission of discovery, Beagle2, has had an unknown fate until now, I will show the new evidence for its successful landing in 2003.

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