The intertwined foundations of mathematics and computer science

General event

The intertwined foundations of mathematics and computer science

  • Event time: 5:15pm
  • Event date: 17th May 2012
  • Speaker: Professor Alex Simpson (Personal Chair in Foundations of Computer Science)
  • Location: Room G.07/G.07A, Informatics Forum

Event details

Inaugural Lecture

Chaired by the Principal, Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea


Mathematics is commonly perceived as a subject in which there are absolute standards of truth and proof. This perception, however, is not entirely accurate. There are ways in which it is possible to shape mathematics to suit the applications to which it will be put.

In this talk, which will be aimed at a general audience, I shall discuss various ways in which mathematics can be reshaped to take account of concepts arising in computer science. I shall also briefly touch upon how such reshapings might even be of use within certain areas of mathematics itself. 

Followed by a reception in the Informatics Forum.

All welcome to attend, but please mdunlop2 [at] (subject: Inaugural%20Lecture%3A%20Prof%20Alex%20Simpson) (register with Marjorie Dunlop).

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