Physics @ the library

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Physics @ the library

  • Event time: 6:00pm until 7:30pm
  • Event date: 4th February 2020
  • Location: Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EG

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Ever wanted to find out how lasers work, why we care so much about graphene, or what a scientist actually does anyway?

About this Event

Come to one of the free physics talks at Edinburgh Central Library this January to find out!

Organised by The Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics and presented by PhD Physics students

Suitable for adults, and young adults 14+

The Light Fantastic - Katherine Brown

What is it that makes a laser different from any other kind o flight source? Why are lasers so powerful that they can burn out skin and melt metal? And how do scientists use the special properties of a laser to make new discoveries? Come and learn about how lasers work, the history of their invention, and how they gradually came into everyday use.

Atomic Architects - Micaela Laini

In our pencils there's the ingredient that made a big break-through in modern science possible: the graphene. From graphene, multiple different materials have been proved to have 2D counterparts, and many exciting properties of those have been studied in the last decade. This talk will explain how to fabricate a single layer of atoms, or a sandwich of two layers of atoms, that contain really small sources of red light.

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