PPE/GridPP Computing in UoE 2022-23

Experimental Particle Physics seminar

PPE/GridPP Computing in UoE 2022-23

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In this 2-part talk I'm going to give an overview of the recent work being done by GridPP within PPE at Edinburgh as well as an overview of computing changes within the Physics dept and UoE which impacts us all from teaching to research.

As well as supporting our local WLCG Tier2 at Edinburgh, the GridPP group are actively engaged in the development of several computing projects spanning multiple experiments. This work spans from helping develop new computing infrastructure for DUNE, to engaging with new communities looking to learn from HEP such as Astrophysics.

As life returns to normal in 2022, we're now settled in on the 3rd floor of JCMB. The last few years has seen many computing changes which will impact teaching and research in UoE. I'll describe the most recent improvements and changes impacting all of us in the group. Part of this will include advertising some new resources which have recently been brought online within the last few months for PPE use as well as plans for changes in the next year or so.

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