Scottish Parliament 2008

The School of Physics and Astronomy arranged for Peter Higgs to meet the Scottish Minister for Lifelong Learning, Fiona Hyslop, on 10 September 2008 to coincide with the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Centre for Particle Physics in Geneva.

Also representing the University of Edinburgh were Vice-Principals Professors Richard Kenway and Steve Chapman and Professor Peter Clark of the School of Physics and Astronomy and the LHCb experiment. The Chief Scientific Advisor to the Scottish Parliament, Professor Anne Glover was also present. Representing the University of Glasgow and the ATLAS experiment was Professor Kenway Smith. Ken Smith presented copies of a recently published book about the ATLAS experiment, 'Exploring the Mystery of Matter' to both Fiona Hyslop and Peter Higgs. Peter Higgs is seen signing Fiona Hyslop's copy.