Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Outstanding students receive medals and awards

19 November 2018
Congratulations to students who received Medals, Certificates, Prizes and Scholarships at the School of Physics & Astronomy undergraduate student awards ceremony.

Celebrating career project success

15 November 2018
Students, staff, industry and supporters met to celebrate project achievements and award the presentation for the best student project.

Celebrating the wonders of physics

12 November 2018
Visitors were treated to a feast of activities on complex fluids, particle collisions, chocolate workshops and a physics-inspired ceilidh at the recent Festival of Physics.

Intense tests reveal elusive, complex form of common element

09 November 2018
An unusually complex form of nitrogen has been revealed in an experiment that shows for the first time how simple molecular elements can have complex structures at extreme pressures.

Creating a stir during physics potions workshops

05 November 2018
Wizard apprentices try out their magic at the Midlothian Science Festival.

Max Planck Humboldt Research Award for Prof Catherine Heymans

29 October 2018
Funds to develop work to understand the origin of Dark Energy.

Chancellor’s Rising Star Award

29 October 2018
Dr Beth Biller has been awarded the 2018 Chancellor’s Rising Star Award.

Supermolecules of hydrogen

22 October 2018
Scientists have discovered a new class of compounds which contain very large amounts of hydrogen.

Physics and Astronomy at the Postgraduate Open Day, 14 November 2018

12 October 2018
Discover more about our MSc programmes and PhD opportunities.

Exploring physics though ceilidh dancing, examining squashy materials and making comets!

03 October 2018
The School of Physics and Astronomy took part in a very successful Explorathon and Doors Open Day during the last weekend in September.

Applications invited for Chancellor's Fellows

18 September 2018
These prestigious awards support highly talented early career researchers from across the world to develop their careers.

Physics and Astronomy at the 2018 Doors Open Day

04 September 2018
The School of Physics and Astronomy is opening its doors at the end of September

Research fellowship opportunities in collaboration with industry

28 August 2018
TRAIN@Ed research fellowship for candidates with a background in experimental particle physics and machine learning

Equality & Diversity wiki unveiled for School students and staff

22 August 2018
Information, guidance and resources to help create an open and inclusive enviroment for study and work

World’s largest laser lends insight into giant planets of solar system

22 August 2018
Scientists gain valuable insight into how hydrogen behaves at extreme conditions, such as those found within Jupiter and Saturn