Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Applications invited for UKRI Future Leader Fellowships

07 February 2020
The School welcomes applications from both external and internal scientists interested in applying for latest round of UKRI Future Leader Fellowships. CV and 2 page preliminary case for support to be submitted by 6th March 2020

Neil Turok, the Inaugural Higgs Chair of Theoretical Physics, brings in new focus on the quantum universe

23 January 2020
Professor Neil Turok, a world-leading researcher in theoretical physics and fundamental cosmology has been appointed as the Inaugural Higgs Chair by the University of Edinburgh.

Congratulations to Murray Campbell who has been awarded the Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of America

13 January 2020
Recognition for contributions to science through the application of musical acoustics, particularly to the study of brass wind instruments.

Physics activities at the Midlothian Science Festival

17 December 2019
The School of Physics and Astronomy was delighted to run microbe workshops and an escape room at the Midlothian Science Festival in October.

School’s Higgs Scholarships for MSc candidates

16 December 2019
Six Higgs Scholarships are available to MSc applicants studying in 2020/21.

Partnership to promote STEM in local primary school leads to award success

10 December 2019
Congratulations to Castleview Primary School who win the Rolls-Royce Science Prize and Eden Award.

Solving fossil mystery could aid quest for ancient life on Mars

27 November 2019
The search for evidence of life on Mars could be helped by fresh insights into ancient rocks on Earth.

Observing the intruder from interstellar space

26 November 2019
Researchers study comet which has come from beyond our Solar System.

Presentation of medals and awards to outstanding students

25 November 2019
Congratulations to students who received Medals, Certificates, Prizes and Scholarships at the School of Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Student Awards Ceremony.

UK researchers awarded £30m investment in global science project

21 November 2019
The University of Edinburgh has received £650,000 to provide essential contributions to the DUNE experiment.

Celebrating project success

13 November 2019
Students, staff, industry and supporters gathered to learn about the career development projects students completed, and to announce the winner of the best project report and poster.

Delving into dark matter

06 November 2019
Dr Xin Ran Liu joins scientists and an audience of 100,000 on ‘World Dark Matter Day’ to discuss the substance which makes up most of the universe.

New telescope instrument sheds light on Dark Energy

04 November 2019
Edinburgh scientists are taking part in the most detailed survey of the Universe ever undertaken.

‘Traffic jams’ slow down gene expression

10 October 2019
Interdisciplinary work between colleagues in physics and biology propose a new mechanism for controlling gene expression via ‘traffic jams’ of biomolecules.

The violent history of the big galaxy next door

03 October 2019
Astronomers have pieced together the cannibalistic past of the neighbouring large galaxy Andromeda, which has set its sights on our Milky Way as the main course.