Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Interfacial rheology goes contactless

05 December 2022
Fluorescence microscopy enables measuring the mechanical properties of liquid interfaces without disturbing them.

Progress towards hydrogen-based solid superconductivity

01 December 2022
Scientists uncover the surprising hydrogen content variability in novel lanthanum hydrides.

Biofilm capability boosted by new funding

22 November 2022
Expansion of world-class research and innovation through national biofilms centre.

Investigating dark energy and dark matter

21 November 2022
Edinburgh astronomers awarded UK Space Agency funding for international mission.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 15-17 November

28 October 2022
The School of Physics & Astronomy will take part in the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Virtual Open Days.

Nuclear physics research recognition for Carlo Bruno

25 October 2022
Congratulations to Dr Carlo Bruno who has been awarded the Young Investigator prize in Nuclear Physics.

Dr Ross Galloway’s award recognition for contributions to physics education

24 October 2022
Congratulations to Dr Ross Galloway on who has been awarded the 2022 Institute of Physics Marie Curie-Sklodowska Medal and Prize.

Understanding our Universe with the help of machine learning

20 October 2022
Machine learning provides a new way of revealing the physical quantities behind the images observed by telescopes.

Exhibition showcasing art-physics collaboration

29 September 2022
Art work produced following a summer collaboration will be exhibited in an Edinburgh gallery this October.

Edinburgh team part of NASA DART mission

26 September 2022
The DART - OPTiK team will observe NASA’s asteroid deflection mission from their base in Kenya.

Edinburgh students install first Hyperloop test track

23 September 2022
The UK’s first Hyperloop test track has been built by students from the University’s HYPED team, at the King’s Buildings.

Undergraduate Open Days

08 September 2022
Come along to our Open Days to find out more about studying at the University of Edinburgh and the School of Physics & Astronomy

The first image of an exoplanet with the James Webb Space Telescope

01 September 2022
Astronomers have taken the first image of an exoplanet – a planet beyond our solar system – with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Physics plays part in predicting cancer

09 August 2022
Polymer physics modelling predicts interactions in cancer genomes.

The most distant galaxy discovered by Edinburgh astronomers

29 July 2022
Observations from the James Webb Space Telescope have revealed the most distant galaxy so far.