Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Delving into dark matter

06 November 2019
Dr Xin Ran Liu joins scientists and an audience of 100,000 on ‘World Dark Matter Day’ to discuss the substance which makes up most of the universe.

New telescope instrument sheds light on Dark Energy

04 November 2019
Edinburgh scientists are taking part in the most detailed survey of the Universe ever undertaken.

‘Traffic jams’ slow down gene expression

10 October 2019
Interdisciplinary work between colleagues in physics and biology propose a new mechanism for controlling gene expression via ‘traffic jams’ of biomolecules.

The violent history of the big galaxy next door

03 October 2019
Astronomers have pieced together the cannibalistic past of the neighbouring large galaxy Andromeda, which has set its sights on our Milky Way as the main course.

Physics and Astronomy at the Postgraduate Open Day, 13 November 2019

02 October 2019
Physics and Astronomy at the Postgraduate Open Day, 13 November 2019

New frontier for science as astronomers detect gas molecules in comet from another star

30 September 2019
An international team of astronomers have made a historic discovery, detecting gas molecules in a comet which has tumbled into our solar system from another star.

Prof Jim Dunlop as new Head of School

29 August 2019
Prof Arthur Trew has stepped down as Head of School after 8 years. As Prof Jim Dunlop takes the helm, he tells us about his vision for the School.

World first as kits designed to extract metals from Moon and Mars blast off for space station tests

29 July 2019
Rock mining in space could open up a new frontier in space exploration by giving astronauts the resources they need for long periods away from Earth.

Recognition for Prof Wilson Poon for his contribution to soft matter physics

04 July 2019
Congratulations to Prof Wilson Poon who has been awarded the Sam Edwards Medal and Prize

Solving the mystery of ‘Oumuamua

02 July 2019
New analysis suggests a natural origin for our first interstellar visitor, ‘Oumuamua

Comet Interceptor: ESA selects spacecraft mission to an ancient world

24 June 2019
The European Space Agency (ESA) has just announced that its latest mission, Comet Interceptor, will visit a comet from the very edge of our Solar System.

Congratulations to Dr Alexandra Amon who has been awarded The Michael Penston Thesis Prize 2018

18 June 2019
The Royal Astronomical Society awards Dr Amon the Michael Penston prize for the best thesis in astronomy and astrophysics.

Congratulations to Dr Alan Walker who has been elected a Trustee of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation

18 June 2019
Working to commemorate the Scottish physicist who formulated the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation.

Funds secured to undertake research on the physics of antimicrobial resistance

12 June 2019
An EPSRC grant has been secured to find out how dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria differ from less dangerous antibiotic-sensitive ones.

Congratulations to Dr Anna Lisa Varri who has won the 2019 Caroline Herschel Prize Lectureship

11 June 2019
The Caroline Herschel Prize Lectureship supports promising female astronomers early in their careers.