Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Public engagement recognition for Dr XinRan Liu  

29 November 2021
Congratulations to Dr Liu who has been awarded the 2021 Institute of Physics Mary Somerville Medal and Prize.

Alex Murphy awarded RSE Senior Public Engagement Medal

17 November 2021
Award recognises contributions to communication, engagement and in advancing public discussion in science.

Life on Mars search could be misled by false fossils, study says

17 November 2021
Mars explorers searching for signs of ancient life could be fooled by fossil-like specimens created by chemical processes, research suggests.

Turning diamond into methane

16 November 2021
Experiments demonstrate a high reactivity between carbon and hydrogen at conditions comparable with those in the Earth’s upper mantle.

Stacking order in a 2D magnet produces Dirac magnons

11 November 2021
Topological feature could prove useful for dissipationless spintronics.

Testing technology to deflect asteroid impact with Earth

10 November 2021
Researchers will be involved in observing the collision in the first mission to demonstrate technology to deflect an asteroid.

Blavatnik Award ceremony and symposium

08 November 2021
2021 Blavatnik Award Laureate Professor Sinead Farrington honoured at UK ceremony.

Funding secured for biotech business

04 November 2021
Soft matter start-up, Dyneval Ltd, to establish a quality control standard that will benefit the livestock production chain.

MicroBooNE experiment’s first results show no hint of a sterile neutrino

28 October 2021
Data is consistent with what the Standard Model predicts: the presence of three kinds of neutrinos.

Quantum Mechanics: A Textbook

21 October 2021
Quantum Mechanics is a textbook written by two members in the School of Physics & Astronomy.

Astronomer Royal for Scotland opens Aberdeen Science Centre

11 October 2021
Professor Catherine Heymans unveils plaque to mark opening.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 9-11 November

07 October 2021
Attend Postgraduate Virtual Open Days to find out about our MSc programmes.

Congratulations to Dr Maxwell T. Hansen

04 October 2021
Award recognition for contributions to lattice field theory.

Research and collaboration boosted by Royal Society of Edinburgh funding

30 September 2021
Congratulations to colleagues who have received fellowships and awards in this latest round.

Award recognition for Prof Marialuisa Aliotta

13 September 2021
Prof Aliotta receives the Giuseppe Occhialini Medal and Prize in recognition of her work in nuclear astrophysics.