Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Recognition for Professor Jorge Peñarrubia

16 May 2022
‘Felicidades’ to Professor Jorge Peñarrubia who has become a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences.

A major success for Physics & Astronomy in Edinburgh

12 May 2022
We are delighted to announce that the University of Edinburgh has been rated as one of the top centres for Physics & Astronomy research in the UK.

Heavens need environmental protection like the Earth

25 April 2022
Space urgently needs special legal protection similar to that given to land, sea and atmosphere to protect its fragile environment.

Congratulations to the new Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellows

22 March 2022
Professors Marialuisa Aliotta and Sinead Farrington join the 80 names recognised as being some of the greatest thinkers, researchers and practitioners working in or with Scotland today.

£3.5 million for particle physics research

09 March 2022
Edinburgh group awarded £3.5M to carry out cutting edge physics research.

Celebrating Scotland’s Einstein

08 March 2022
Exploring the life and legacy of James Clerk Maxwell

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 22 - 24 March 2022

21 February 2022
Find out about our MSc degrees in Physics and Astronomy and hear from our students and staff

Biological particles reach for the stars

14 February 2022
High-speed winds in space blow biological particles into higher altitudes than previously thought.

Dissolving oil in water

07 February 2022
Calculations and experimental techniques prove that at high pressure oil can dissolve in water, but water cannot dissolve in oil.

Viruses are facing a new charge

02 February 2022
Exploiting the behaviour of RNA viruses to help inspire new disinfection processes.

Elizabeth Gardner Four-Year Fellowship

21 January 2022
New research opportunity seeks to encourage greater diversity within the School community.

Herschel Medal in Astronomy awarded to Professor Catherine Heymans

17 January 2022
Royal Astronomical Society’s medal was awarded for her ground-breaking analysis of the evolution of large-scale structures in the Universe using weak gravitational lensing.

Student award winners announced

12 January 2022
Congratulations to students who received medals, certificates, prizes and scholarships at the School’s Undergraduate and MSc Student Awards Ceremony.

The Milky Way’s feeding habits shine a light on dark matter

12 January 2022
Astronomers are closer to revealing the dark matter enveloping our Milky Way galaxy, thanks to a new map of twelve streams of stars orbiting within our Galactic halo.

Funding success supports research in nuclear physics and galaxy evolution

11 January 2022
Congratulations to Dr Carlo Bruno and Dr Fergus Cullen who have received European Research Council starting grants.