Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Applications invited for Chancellor's Fellows

12 February 2018
These prestigious awards support highly talented early career researchers from across the world to develop their careers.

Beltane Fellow award for Dr Anne Pawsey

07 February 2018
Congratulations to Dr Anne Pawsey who has been awarded as ambassador for her public engagement work

Top cited particle physics paper

22 January 2018
'Results from a search for dark matter in the complete LUX exposure'

Chancellor’s Award in Teaching

29 November 2017
Professor Charles Cockell has been awarded the 2017 Chancellor’s Award for Teaching

Ocean soundscapes and the implications for wildlife

22 November 2017
Tackling questions from the public at the interactive exhibition: UnEarthed

Space dust may transport life between worlds

20 November 2017
Research suggests that life on our planet might have originated from biological particles brought to Earth in streams of space dust

Celebrating Career Project Success

15 November 2017
Students, staff, industry and supporters met to celebrate project achievements and award the presentation for the best summer student poster

Discoveries, inventions and the power of curiosity

13 November 2017
Fun activities highlighting the role that physics plays in our lives at the Festival of Physics

Outstanding students receive medals and awards

01 November 2017
Congratulations to students who received Medals, Certificates, Prizes and Scholarships at the School of Physics & Astronomy undergraduate awards ceremony

PhD training centres to boost UK’s data science expertise

30 October 2017
Postgraduate students are to benefit from a £10 million UK initiative to support data science research

Physics and Astronomy at the Postgraduate Open Day, 15 November 2017

24 October 2017
Discover more about our degrees, including our new MSc in Particle & Nuclear Physics

Edinburgh PhD student helps chart neutron star collision

16 October 2017
The first binary neutron star collision to be observed by LIGO and the first gravitational wave event to be observed by conventional telescopes

Spinning the threads of life

11 October 2017
New discovery relating to chromosome looping via molecular slip links

Microbes dictate regime shifts causing anoxia in lakes and seas

09 October 2017
Eutrophication and warming of lakes and seas may push ecosystems beyond a critical tipping point, causing rapid transitions from oxic to anoxic conditions that are not easily reversed.

Edinburgh students star in film about Charles Piazzi Smyth

02 October 2017
Film re-creating astronomy experiments screened at Edinburgh Filmhouse 7 October