Latest news in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Funding secured to strengthen links in nuclear astrophysics

09 June 2023
Congratulations to Dr Sidhu who has secured funding to organise a seminar in nuclear astrophysics.

Ancient galaxy revealed by space telescope

22 May 2023
Formed 600 to 800 million years after the Big Bang, it is the earliest of its kind found to date.

Undergraduate Open Days 2023

15 May 2023
Come along to our Open Days to find out more about studying at the University of Edinburgh and the School of Physics & Astronomy

Astronomers reveal the largest cosmic explosion ever seen

12 May 2023
The explosion, which is more than ten times brighter than any known supernova, has currently lasted over three years.

Royal Society University Research Fellowship success

08 May 2023
Congratulations to Dr Andrew McLeod who has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and will be joining the School’s Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Award recognition for sustainable laboratory initiatives

02 May 2023
Congratulations to the team who have established a lab sustainability group and implemented sustainable lab changes.

International team unveils topological spin textures in an ultrathin layer at room temperature

26 April 2023
Findings could have potential use for computing and magnetic memories.

Research talent recognised by fellowship success

24 April 2023
Congratulations to Chancellor’s Fellows Dr Adam Carnall and Dr Liza Mijovic.

Researchers identify ultrasoft properties in the DNA of blood parasites

19 April 2023
The new insights about the parasites' special 'kinetoplast' DNA could support the development of materials in synthetic chemistry.

Distant planet’s features revealed by Webb Telescope

22 March 2023
Researchers observing with NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have identified features in the atmosphere of planet VHS 1256 b.

Spacecraft collision with asteroid impact analysed

22 March 2023
The aftermath of a deliberate collision between a spacecraft and an asteroid has been studied by a team that includes Edinburgh scientists.

Royal Society of Edinburgh announces new Fellows

21 March 2023
Congratulation to Professor Martin Evans who will join those recognised as being some of the greatest thinkers, researchers and practitioners working in or with Scotland today.

Fossil site is ‘Rosetta Stone’ for understanding early life

17 March 2023
Leading edge technology has uncovered secrets about a world-renowned fossil hoard that could offer vital clues about early life on earth.

Synthesis and characterization of a new nitrogen aromatic species

07 March 2023
Extreme pressure and temperature conditions are used to synthesize K9N56 which is comprised of the aromatic hexazine unit.

Student award winners announced

02 March 2023
Congratulations to students who received medals, certificates, prizes and scholarships at the School’s Undergraduate and MSc Student Awards Ceremony.