IoP meeting on Nuclear physics and r-process nucleosynthesis

IoP meeting on Nuclear physics and r-process nucleosynthesis

We are pleased to announce an IoP-sponsored half-day meeting on “Nuclear Physics and R-process Nucleosynthesis”, which will take place on Friday May 15th at the University of Edinburgh.

This half-day meeting will bring together nuclear physicists, astronomers, and astrophysicists studying nucleosynthesis during rapid neutron-capture process. It will provide a venue to learn about exciting developments in the field, such as the observation of new elemental abundances in metal-poor stars, r-process models that include increasingly sophisticated treatment of the dynamical evolution of the astrophysical environment, and the opportunities for experiments with r-process isotopes with a new generation of radioactive ion beam laboratories and new equipment (eg the AIDA detector for beta-decays developed in the UK). The event will also be an opportunity to discuss future lines of research and ways to coordinate the efforts of our communities across disciplinary lines.

Invited speakers include: Norbert Christlieb (University of Heidelberg), Giuseppe Lorusso (National Physical Laboratory), Tomislav Marketin (University of Zagreb), and Nobuya Nishimura (Keele University).

Get involved

All members of the UK and international community are welcome to participate, and invited to register before May 5th.

Please register through the meeting website: 

Those interested in giving a presentation are encouraged to submit a brief abstract by April 26th.

For further information, contact Alfredo Estrade (aestrade [at]