New online courses in High Performance Computing and Data Science

EPCC has launched two novel online courses: Practical Introduction to High Performance Computing and Practical Introduction to Data Science. Both are fully accredited by the University of Edinburgh as Postgraduate Professional Development courses.

High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Science are increasingly important in solving scientific and commercial problems in numerous disciplines, creating the need for more experts in these areas. EPCC, the supercomputing centre based in the School of Physics & Astronomy, is an internationally-recognised authority in both fields.

Delivered entirely online, the courses are designed to introduce and explore the fundamental concepts of HPC and Data Science through lectures and practical exercises run on real-world systems, eg the UK's national supercomputer ARCHER. Students will be provided with remote access to cutting-edge computing facilities which they will be able to use over the internet from their personal computers.

Designed to be followed flexibly and part-time, the courses should appeal to anyone interested in developing their knowledge of leading-edge computing. The entry requirement is graduate level education in a relevant field or equivalent work experience.

The courses will run for five months from January 2016. The online material (video lectures, exercises, recommended reading etc) will be accompanied by interaction with the EPCC academic team, and with small groups of fellow students, through a variety of different activities and tools such as online tutorials. Enrolled students will be fully matriculated at the University of Edinburgh and have access to all online student services.

Virtual Open Days

We are holding a number of Virtual Open Days to enable potential students to find out more about the courses. The first Virtual Open Day is scheduled for Friday 17th July 2015 at 11:00 am (BST). Anyone interested in either of the courses is welcome to attend.


Practical Introduction to High Performance Computing

Practical Introduction to Data Science

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Virtual Open Days