Post-docs sought for Biological Physics research

The Edinburgh Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics Group seeks to recruit four postdoctoral research associates (PDRAs) in Biological Physics, to work on a research programme that aims to understand how bacterial populations grow, assemble into spatially structured biofilms, and evolve to become resistant to antibiotics.

In particular the Group is interested in the interplay between resistance evolution and population spatial structure.

"Many of the most chronic and difficult to treat bacterial infections are in the form of biofilms: spatially structured layers of bacteria that form on surfaces such as medical implants. In this research programme we will investigate how the spatial structuring of a bacterial population affects how it responds to antibiotic treatment and how likely it is to generate mutant bacteria that are antibiotic-resistant. We are looking for highly motivated and talented researchers with expertise in experiments, theory or simulations to help us with this exciting research." Project leader Dr Rosalind Allen

The project, which is entitled 'The physics of antibiotic resistance evolution in spatially structured multicellular assemblies’ is funded by the European Research Council. 

Closing date for applications: 1st July 2016.