Doors Open Day 2017

The School of Physics and Astronomy opened its doors to visitors and showcased the research undertaken at the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems.

The School of Physics and Astronomy was delighted to open its doors to visitors on Saturday 23rd September. As part of the Edinburgh-wide Doors Open Days event ran annually by the Cockburn association, over 500 visitors were greeted in the foyer of the James Clerk Maxwell Building by a team of thirteen PhD students and Postdoctoral staff from the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (ICMCS).

Visitors engaged in a number of highly interactive activities, such as making slime, lava lamps, playing with a non-Newtonian fluid made of corn-starch and water, and investigating the possibility of life on Mars. In addition, research lab tours ran all day and academic staff demonstrated and explained the cutting-edge research work they undertake.

A fantastic insight into science.

The activities were amazing and the staff was very enthusiastic.

The event was organised by the Edinburgh Complex Fluid Partnership, the Ogden Trust, the UK Centre for Astrobiology and the Condensed Matter CDT, with the generous support from numerous volunteers across ICMCS.  School colleagues based in the Institute for Astronomy also took part in the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Doors Open Day event.