Inspirational activities at the Orkney International Science Festival

Prof Peter Higgs, Prof Clive Greated and Dr Alan Walker enjoyed taking part in the Orkney International Science Festival this year.

Peter Higgs was in conversion with Dennis Canavan (a former University of Edinburgh student) and discussed his early childhood, the role his parents played in his education and how he came into particle physics. 

A talk on "the sound of the wind” was given by Clive Greated where he explained some of the acoustic characteristics of wind instruments.  Clive also give a talk along with his daughter Marianne Greated from the Glasgow School of Art discussing the relationships between sound and vision.  The background to their talks are explained in a joint article in Frontiers Magazine.

Visitors to the Festival got the chance to construct a cloud chamber in a pint-sized glass and detect cosmic ray particles at the workshops delivered by Alan Walker.

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