Equality & Diversity wiki unveiled for School students and staff

New wiki page contains information, guidance and resources for School students and staff.

While lots of information on equality and diversity exists, it is spread out across several different platforms such as the EUSA website, staff and student handbooks, and the main Equality and Diversity page on the University’s website. The aim of the new School of Physics and Astronomy wiki page is to create one cohesive source of information that answers E&D queries, or directs you to people who can.

Gloria Hamlyn, a Junior Honours student going into fourth year at the School of Physics and Astronomy, was hired via the Employ.ed on Campus scheme as an Equality and Diversity Intern to create the page over the summer. Now complete, the page has information on codes of conduct, procedures for getting help with E&D concerns, details of our recent IOP Juno Report 2018 and lots more! The School’s Equality & Diversity Committee hopes that the wiki will be a useful resource for students and staff, and that E&D information is now more readily accessible to members of the School community, whenever it may be needed.

Gloria Hamlyn, Equality and Diversity Strategy Intern commented:

This summer was a brilliant opportunity to increase the effort for greater equality and diversity in the School of Physics and Astronomy. I’m going into my fourth year here, and until I did this internship I wasn’t aware of most of the work going on for E&D in the School. This website serves a lot of important causes, but one of the biggest ones is just letting people know that the School knows and cares about E&D issues.

Dr. Job Thijssen, Director of Equality & Diversity for the School of Physics & Astronomy, reported:

It has been great working with Gloria over the summer. The wiki that she has created is a good example of the talent and dedication of our students. The School’s Equality & Diversity Committee hopes that students and staff in the School of Physics & Astronomy will find the wiki a useful resource and are more than happy to receive suggestions for further improvements. We are also planning to hire another Employ.ed on Campus intern to develop the wiki into an Equality & Diversity website during summer 2019.