‘Physicist of the Year’ prizes awarded to local school pupils

Local secondary school pupils receive award and gain an insight into studying physics

The School of Physics and Astronomy and the Ogden Trust hosted an awards ceremony for the ‘School Physicist of the Year’.  The ceremony rewarded the most deserving high school students who are currently in year 3, based on their progress in Physics.  18 pupils based in schools in Edinburgh were selected by their Physics teachers and 15 were able to attend the evening, along with around 35 parents and teachers. The students were rewarded with a £25 National Book Token and a certificate enabling them to apply to events and programs organised by the Ogden Trust.

The event also enabled school pupils to gain a flavour of studying physics at University level. Academic staff, research colleagues and physics undergraduates students from the School of Physics and Astronomy shared information on their work and experience here, guests got the chance to take part in demonstrations and experiments, and an inspirational talk on ‘Squidgy Business’ was given by Prof. Wilson Poon as he shared information on how businesses use his expertise in soft matter.

Thank you for a lovely evening last night, the award ceremony was most enjoyable and very inspiring not only for our young people  but I'm  sure for all who attended