Physics outreach workshops involving sweets, gin and beer!

Dr Anne Pawsey of the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership has created several new outreach workshops on the physics of sweets, gins and beer.

Anne was invited to run workshops on the ‘Science of Sweets’ and the ‘Physics of Gin’ at the Northern Ireland Science Festival in Derry-Londonderry. Both events were a sell out and Anne hopes to perform them again in the near future.

Building on this success Anne was asked to write a talk on the ‘Physics of Beer’ for the Edinburgh University Physics Society and Beer Society for their event in the University of Edinburgh’s Festival of Creative Learning. Anne spoke alongside Scott Williams, founder of William’s Brothers Brewing Company and Matthew Davison of the Beer Society.

Anne works for the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership who specialise in the understanding of interactions between components in soft materials and complex fluids, and how they influence product performance and manufacturing challenges.