Success for School staff in the EUSA Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Dr Jamie Cole and Prof Philip Clark for their success in the 2018 Teaching Awards.

Jamie won the award for Best Personal Tutor.  This is the second time Jamie has won this award, the first being in 2016. This demonstrates his continued effort in student support.

Philip achieved the runner-up award for Best Implementer of Student Feedback.

Dr Jamie Cole commented:

Personal Tutors in the School of Physics & Astronomy are dedicated to helping students realise their academic potential. The recognition I received – which belongs also to many equally deserving colleagues and to our excellent Student Support Team – will encourage the School in its desire to provide a high level of support to our students within a vibrant, challenging and hopefully rewarding learning environment.

 Prof Arthur Trew, Head of School reported:

We are incredibly pleased by this result, which demonstrates our students’ recognition of the pastoral care that we give them and our efforts in implementing course changes following feedback from students. Over the past few years we have had more than our fair share of EUSA Teaching Awards, but winning both an award and runner up place, and with a second win for Dr Cole, this is great news for us.  My congratulations to both Dr Cole and Professor Clark. 

EUSA Teaching Awards

The EUSA Teaching Awards celebrate the best contributions made to students’ learning experiences.  This year, there were over 1,600 nominations for courses, teaching staff, dissertation supervisors, professional and administrative staff.